Memories fade in silence

to settle in thoughts dust;

until reason stirs them

in whys diluted with hows.

Reason is a flare gun

fired in a moment of distress.

For a moment hope and justification

join hands until the flare dies

in pain’s relentless waves

and gets lost in time’s endless skies.

Nights pass by days trampling hours

in sadness starved of answers.

That’s when the soul pours

Cares out and goes on.

Pain is a fire that melts

spirits or forges iron hearts.

Together with time they etch destinies

or chip cares away from minds.

Whys and hows are pain’s twigs

kindling its flame to meet time’s hammers.

Souls are ores molded in pain’s

fires shaped by time’s hammers.

Some call this process karma

Others call it life’s cycle.

I call it the whys and hows

of coping and moving on.



Author’s Notes: Al anam Fara isol ayyam meaning Days Prey on Men.