A Christmas Gift

     I had this belief that Christmas nowadays is for children only. Why? Because they are the only ones who are excited to celebrate Christmas – there are gifts everywhere, they are excited to see their cousins, go to places, visit other relatives, join many reunions… It seems to me that kids are really feeling the spirit of it… But for adults like me, I don’t usually feel the excitement. I think it is just a time to take the chance to sleep for hours, chilling inside the house, minding my own business.




     Not until later, when I had the time to reflect on things that made me think that I am still excited for Christmas. I got to see a child’s excitement upon waiting for her to open her present. The spark in her eyes, made me realize that, Hey it’s Christmas! A child’s joy; that glow in her face is my Christmas gift. A gift being presented to me by God. Reminding me to be joyful and thankful for all the things I have received all throughout the year; the good and the bad. 


    Material things don’t excite me anymore, and opening my eyes to see the meaning of it thru a child’s eye, has helped me let that Christmas spirit sink in again like when I was still young. I have felt I am also a gift – a Christmas gift, and I too am excited to be opened as a gift for others.

Ms. Taciturn

Ms. Taciturn

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