Dear 2016, thanks for everything!

I read that the first thing I should do in my 2017 is not to talk about you anymore, that’s why I want a closure before the time ticks 12:00 mid.

First, scr*w you! I hate you for all the pain that you bestowed on me. For all the sleepless nights and crying, desperate attempts to make people stay, and for all the pangs of loving, I am so done with you 2016!!! I just don’t want to repeat you. Never again!

Yes, I am angry because I allowed myself to feel life that it hurts through the deepest part of my bones including my soul. I am passionate of living life as if it is my lover who wanted to elope me. That’s how 2016 feels like. That’s how I remember my 2016.

Second, what is 2016 without people filling in the mundane everyday life?

Some old faces and some new ones who invested their time and efforts to be part of my 2016, vice versa. Sadly, some of them didn’t reach up to this time.

People come and go. And it’s the greatest gift of life knowing some really stay, not that I ask, but because we feel it. Sometimes I think that it is mutually felt. Staying is mutually felt and should never be asked to someone. 

A branch of a tree could never ask its leaves not to leave, right? I mean if it could really ask its leaves, would the leaves really want to go or will it stay? If it’s really the time to go, do the leaves have the right to stay? Will leaves fall because they have the choice or because just like our lives, we are all bounded with timelines?

Third, I am in love with you 2016. It’s hard to admit it, but I feel so weak with you. I’ve learned enough lessons about love life that I haven’t known before. I want you and at the same time so hate you! I want to forget you but can’t since you’ve made me feel different this year. I feel so woman and I love all the butterflies in my stomach you made for me. For all the experiences, you made me stronger and ready for the year ahead. 

And lastly 2016, thank you too because of those painful memories I realized what and who matters now in my life. 

I am not asking 2017 to be good or better for me. I am just asking for 2016 to finally rest in peace without ruining my 2017. That for me is the best gift 2016 can do for my 2017. Goodbye now my love, 2016! 

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