Personal year-end wrap up

It is but a few hours left before we start another year, another batch of endless possibilities. But before we welcome 2017, I’d like to take a moment and reflect what I’ve accomplished this year.

Realizing a goal before every end of the year is something new to me, much more, sharing it online. But this year, I’ve had equal share of trials and successes I would like to share.


* I quit my position as Program Chair for the Humanities and Social Sciences Department of the University I am working for. I’ve held the position for almost six years. I felt I’ve done my part and I took the risk of quitting to open myself to new ventures/projects.

* Shift in management. The year has been highlighted by the replacement of my immediate boss, the College Dean. With that change, adjustments took place. But I am resilient and adaptive by nature. And things worked out well working for a new boss (and a totally whole new batch of co-workers).

* Death in the family. As of this writing, I am grieving with the loss of my grandma. We weren’t that close (she scared the hell outta me), but hey, we are related by blood and I had lots of memories of her when I was growing up.

(Personal) Accomplishments:

* New investments: stocks and a new townhouse. I started investing this year as I became more aware of the future and what may be in store for me.

* I started my own website. Twice. The first one was which only ran for a month and now this, I took a gamble with the domain game and so far, it’s been doing great. And it got me back to my original passion – writing.

* New friends. One of the best things I got from starting up my blog site is having new friends. Friends that I would have never met if I didn’t take blogging seriously. Aside from new networks, I’ve met great people such as Binibining E, The Poetess, Ms.Taciturn, Labyrinth322,  PsychoLemonTea and WordsinTopiary, not to mention, Paris, DropDeadDiva, QueenBee 2.0, Kat and Fiesty, all of which had made tremendous contribution to the website in one way or the other.

* A fresh start. I haven’t given up on teaching. But this year gave new life for me to take risks.
These “achievements” may not be a lot nor significant for some people, but for me, it’s one step forward to achieving my long term goals.

Before the clock strikes twelve, what do you think are the trials you’ve faced and achievements you’ve got this year? 
Lemme know on the comments below.

Happy new year, everyone! May 2017 get us somewhere we only dreamed of!



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  1. Happy new year! I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to be a part of this awesome and promising website. I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and in what I can do, for pushing me to believe in myself (which obviously I cant do)and that I am good with what I do. Thank you so much for the countless fights and arguments and yet you still believe in me. This year being with your team and me starrting to write has been one of the greatest achievements for a person like me. I wouldn’t see myself doing this things but you pushed me to get out of my so called comfort zone and I am grateful. Still not used to it but I am learning a thing or two. Thank you sir! I am truly grateful for you. Happy New Year!

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