What’s life like when I’m with you?

Hmmm let me see… 

The second time that we decided to meet, I was a little anxious to see you. It’s like, 80% of me was excited to be with you, but the remaining 20% were full of doubts and fears. 

That day, I went to you where you were dropped off from the van. 

Saw you smile at me,

…your eyes were glowing…

… Cheeks were blushing,

Then I felt my ears and cheeks warming up, that seemed like I too, was blushing from seeing you. You held my hand and were thrilled to see me. But still, I have kept on denying that I was really excited to see you at that time. And then we started catching up…

I decided to be distant to you, showed a little coldness, just because I don’t want to deceive myself because of the fears I have that well, may eventually hurt me. But then, having the chance to talk to you, as I looked into your eyes while you speak, was like I was chasing all the words you utter and listening to you while you share the things you did from your vacation, made me feel so comfortable, that all the inhibitions I had were slowly fading. I thought, I can remain cold and distant to you but it turned out, it didn’t happen. Instead, I was happy, felt more relaxed, like you’re one long lost friend that I was dying to meet again.

You probably didn’t notice but I appreciate your presence. Your very mere presence, gave me enough confidence to just be myself, be comfortable with myself, be spontaneous as I am and just enjoy every minute that we’re together.

And so we did. 

The rest of the week, as what I perceived it to be was history. I was glad that you gave me a chance to see your soul. When we’re together talking and just chilling out, I get to see the real you; the introvert side of you, your gentleness, the sensitive side of you, how rational at times you can be, the “kalog” side of you, everything that makes you who you really are. You let me see all of them without any sign of pretentions. And so I said to myself, I can trust you; your whole being. 

Though for that week, we also shared some conflicts and misunderstandings, but it helped us to get to know each other better. It has helped me to be more considerate and sensitive enough towards everything – it helped me understand you better. And so, I accepted every flaw that you shared. I accepted you as how you accepted the whole me. Flawed and imperfect. 

And as the week came to its end, I realized that having to spend that week with you, was one of the perfect gifts I received. I gained a True Friend. I really enjoyed everything and I’m hoping it won’t be our last.