If 3 years ago

if 3 years ago you have not met me,

i wonder what you’re doing now

or what am i doing if i haven’t known you?

and would the heavens allow us to meet in a different time in a different place other than in our time and in our universe?

could we exist in a different period because i’d still want us to meet and know each other?

tell me if there’s another you, and i’d be there too.

maybe i could be a flower instead that you freshly picked

at least that moment you notice me.

maybe i’m your dog, at least with that you’ll take good care of me.

maybe i’m your neighbor that you get to see everyday?

maybe i could be something useful to you.

with all the maybes, with all the different times, with all the universe

there’s one thing i wish

that i will always be a part of you if i cannot be your everything.

a little of you means already a lot to me.



Isabelle Krizia Segundo

Isabelle Krizia P. Segundo, CIV192, Art Appreciation, Lights, MX

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