Wo(Men’s) Day Special

Let’s thank those wonderful men who struggle every day for their family, men who are fighting for their wives, sisters and daughters. If we start this culture and encourage them as a role model.

Wo(Men’s) Day Special

Today morning was so special. I got lot of wonderful wishes of women’s day. Everyone was making me feel that women are very important to this world. Women known for sacrifice, patience, love, dedication, commitment and a list of qualities without end. It’s great to know that people understand these things and give respect to women’s contribution. So, as it was my day, I had my list of gifts ready ??. I was just trying to help Mufti in selection. I know it’s my day but I don’t like to give trouble to someone …not my style ??. What did you buy for me? I asked Mufti-


‘You just gave me a list. I will get all by evening,’ he said.

‘Ya but this is my list. What did you buy your own for me? I asked.

‘Hmmm…I saw you were making list yesterday. That’s why I didn’t buy anything. You even don’t like things of my choice,’ he said.

‘That’s not true,’ I said.

‘Okay…recall that bag which I bought for your birthday gift,’ he said.

‘Ya but that was dull brown colour and I like bright colours. Apart from that I always like your gifts,’ I said.

‘And that pendant? …our anniversary gift?’ he said.

‘That was so …which pendant? I don’t remember,’ I said.

‘Great, you even don’t remember. Okay, what about the nail paint combo?’ he asked.

‘That because I had same colours…,’I said and smiled.

‘Hmmm, so now we are on same point,’ he said.

‘Okay, I agree but I like surprises. Today is women’s day and there is no surprise for me,’ I said.

‘Don’t be upset sweetie, we will go for shopping and complete your whole wish list then we will go for candle light dinner and then we will go for a long drive. I will make your day special,’

‘Wow …that’s like my boy. That’s why I married you. You know my choices very well,’ I said.

‘Really?’ he said.                                               

‘I mean…except few things,’ I said.

‘Okay lady, I got your point. But this is so unfair. There is a special day for women but what about men? he asked.

‘Hmmm, you also want a gift? I asked.

‘No, I mean there is no special day for men. Anyways, I guess there is uncountable list of our achievements which cannot be appreciated in one day…. Hehehe,’ he said.

‘Oh, so you think that women’s achievement can be count in only one day. Now these are actually not fair words …I am not going anywhere with you,’ I said.

‘Oho, I was just kidding. Don’t spoil your mood,’ he said.

‘Okay, if you say so,’ I said.

‘Let’s get ready and don’t take much time otherwise we have to skip shopping plan,’ he said.

‘No, we can’t skip shopping. I have already made plans of my new dress, matching bellies, jewellery, clutch purse. I have also select the place where we will go and I wear all these,’ I said.

‘Oh my god, save me,’ he said.

‘Hmmm…I heard that,’ I said.


We went to market for shopping, dinner and for a long drive. It was wonderful day. Specially my shopping ?? but Mufti was roaming and waiting for the final list or I guess for final bill.


That day gone but left a question asked by Mufti. Is there any special day to celebrate in honour of men? Do we respect men’s contributions also? So, with these questions again I took help my friend, google and come to know about a date 19th November as Men’s day. There are countries who celebrate this as the same way as women’s day. But I didn’t find the same trend around me. I am not underestimating women’s problems. I am aware and understand all the difficulties women face especially in Asian countries. All challenges they face even in getting basic rights and I am with them in their fight. But on the other hand, there are men who also understand these problems, who started support women in each aspect of life. There are successful women and their success comes because of supporting backbones of their men. In spite of the narrow-thinking environment and unfair culture with they born and brought up, they are understanding the importance of women and giving their support. I am against of men who don’t consider women equal to them but I also think we should thank to men who are with us in this fight and helping us to create a beautiful world which is equal and fearless to everyone. There won’t be any difference.


So, I just want to say ‘Let’s thank those wonderful men who struggle every day for their family, men who are fighting for their wives, sisters and daughters’. If we start this culture and encourage them as a role model.Maybee our coming generations get a different world. That day we won’t need to celebrate any single day because every day will be special and everyone will be happy. Let’s come ahead, give your support in creating a wonderful world.


Don’t forget the date 19th November. Send 100 times more wishes to men around you, make them feel special, appreciate their efforts and show our women power.



Rekha Harjwani

Rekha Harjwani

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