Someday…it’s going to be you who’ll miss me.

Is it bitterness to say that someday I am going to get over you? That I am not going to think of you anymore like I used to do. That I could finally ignore your social media posts without getting hurt. That someday, it’s not you anymore that matters tor me. It could be a different person who has seen my worth and shows me what I deserve to feel. 

Do you know I am tired? I am tired of letting you know what I feel. And yet, I still get nothing in return. Yeah, love is not begged. Love is heartily given. But why do you still hold me like as if you care for my feelings? I am really tired of your pretenses of staying. If it’s not love that you feel, I hope you just give me that damn rejection that I need. 

Someday you’ll wonder what happened to me if ever you’d find out that I no longer text you in the morning or you won’t be receiving goodnight messages from me. I just hope you’d feel what I feel even just a little out from everything. 

Will you text me how am I? I wonder too how would you feel by that time I am no longer present in your life. Will you really look for me? I really wonder…

Someday I will love another person. And it’s not going to be you. Yes, it’s sad to know we could not have forever for the two of us. Is there a thing like that waiting for us two? Anyway, it was clear from the start that you could not love me in the same level that I love you. It’s no longer surprising to know there’s no forever for us. I just hope someday you’ll realize and not regret this opportunity that I am giving you. 

Someday I am going to be happy without you. And you’ll be curious of what makes me forget about you. I think the answer is simple: Our hearts get tired too of loving people who could not love us in return. 

Someday, someone is going to love me the way I showed you my love. By that time, love is reciprocated. And I will love him, not the way I loved you, but better than that because he deserves my all. 

It’s not easy to forget you, but swear someday, it’s going to be you who’ll miss me. And you’ll look back the days I loved you. Then you’ll regret losing me.

That ‘someday’ I shall wait to happen. 

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  1. This article says all the the “hugot” that I can relate on. 🙂 It just seems that we cannot really beg someone to love us but the only thing that we could do when we got rejected is that learn to accept and simply hold up, wait for a perfect timing and wait for the perfect person that God destined for us.

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