PS. Tokhang happiness for me.

Happiness – if it could be lent by someone, do you want to borrow? How much would you want? Is there a measuring cup you could use so you could return it in the same amount? Would you pay it cash? Is there any SRP? Or it would end up another debt of gratitude to be paid with all your life?

Sure, you’ve been like me wondering in abyss – in that so called what is happiness.

Okay, I don’t quite get it. I don’t know if it is just an idea rather than a feeling, the other way around or just nothing at all?

Like do you imagine if gold was not discovered as an expensive element, wouldn’t it have that kind importance now?

If only we didn’t invent its value, then we would not appreciate that kind of hard to be found stuff! And ugh, how funny that we look for the things that are hard to find, even love them for their absence? How cruel, right?

Happiness, I just don’t like Googling it because no matter what I do, the kind of happiness we know as humans cannot be fit in just one word as HAPPY! It’s a million and more emotions like a fat lady trying to fit Barbie’s clothes. It is indescribable, how can Google describe it!? And Google, plsssh cannot feel happiness, how would it know – our feelings!?

I don’t like the idea that happiness is discovered or come to existence. Whoever made you happiness, who is your mother and father!? Tell me! ?

I know I feel like “sabog.” I am looking for happiness at ten twenty six pm on the 30th of October. Where the h*ck is happiness, I couldn’t find it?

And I’m looking for happiness, like gold which is hard to find. If only we did not invent happiness…

PS. Tokhang happiness for me.

With ❤️️ The Poetess

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