Write Something 

We’ve been like pen and paper for too long.

Yet you’ve not written anything on me.

I am all laid out for you.

And you’re standing there beside me like a pen does to a paper.

Ink me some memories.

Tattooed me some love and pain.

Just write anything – something

worth remembering.

Maybe a kiss or sweet nothings.

Say something to me.

Write me a life with you.

And don’t leave me unwritten

Like a blank page.

At least write something

like, “I love you.”


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The Poetess
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  1. Very nice Poetess, looking forward for more of your writings..

  2. Kenneth Willie M. Layona
    Kenneth Willie M. Layona

    Kenneth Willie M. Layona
    BSBA- MAR142
    Sociologyn MQ2
    Because, you are the one who will write the things you’re thinking even in exams, it’s not your classmate who will write for you, it’s you. haha

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