Book Review: Break-Up Anniversary by Dawn Lanuza

TITLE: Break-Up Anniversary

AUTHOR: Dawn Lanuza

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆(5/5)

Read on January 02, 2017

Okay, okay! Will do this even if I still have all the feels for this book. I received a copy of this from the author herself and yes I have finished reading it in one sitting and some sleeping haha.

Damn feels. I certainly have no doubt whatsoever for this book, you see there is this someone from the book who really catches my attention yes that Jaime. I adore him and his attitude just plain adorable and yes GQ-ish type of guy but whatever I love him. For me he is a very sweet guy! Remember when he offered the concert in Japan even though he is not a fan? The part where he walks her home and the goodnight kiss in the cheeks. The phone call and the listening to the band part. Also, the Hello Kitty and the okay kid part with hair ruffling eh. Darn, my feels are killing me now. This guy oh! Why would a guy do that to someone you really doesn’t have any idea what’s going on with her life. Doesn’t really know her personally but he is all that and it really makes my heart melt. Right?

That girl Rebecca, she was very cool for me, she’s kind of like me in some way. Haha yesss Hello Kitty moments! I love love that part. What a way to develop some feels for Jaime. And she was very natural, I think she has developed a liking to Jaime without her knowing because yes she was in some kind of relapse because of the breakup anniversary thing. For real, I never met someone like her who reminisces breakups. Does anyone really do that. I can’t even remember the exact date of my breakups haha.

Anyway, It’s just that this book was a bit short. I want more of Jaime and Rebecca. Pleasseee!! I want to know more about their story. They have a good chemistry together. I think they look good together and they compliments each other.

This book is written very well, you can feel the emotions in this book, the kilig and all. Of course anticipation also for the characters story. The story was very chill and relaxing. You feel like you are somehow a part of the story. Really, i have all the smiles and the giggles while reading this book. And yeah I still got the giggles after reading. My mind was already thinking what happens next. Hihi. This is my very first Dawn Lanuza book and I am not disappointed. This will not be the last for her. Will read more from her soon. Can you please make a story for Jaime and Rebecca? Haha I admit am a Jaime fan now. You can’t stop me. Lol.


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    Is there any pdf of this book? Hehe. I think i’m gonna relate to this kind of story. ??

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