Sooner or later
Sun will be brighter
Stars can lighter
And we can be a victorious fighter

The roads we’ve been through
Extreme sadness and frustration
Emptiness will pour satisfaction
And it’s gonna create breakthrough

Formulated daily life pattern
Waking up early in the morning
Preparing thyself for school
Getting ready for long ride

New day, new hope
Another task, anotherĀ  challenge
More experiences, more memories
Commit mistakes, acquire lessons

Got failing score during examinations
Unable to meet expectations
Cramming to comply date of submission
Show perseverance and determination

Sacrifices will be paid off
Frown mood will turn to happy faces
Moments and emotions are priceless
Wearing academic gown while walking in the aisle

Lifting yourself is to believe
Focusing on your goals is to achieve
Bring out the best in you is to strive
Because, in the end, we will survive