Pursuit of Happiness

We always want to consider an utter importance on casting about true happiness and its ideals.
But, we want something different of the matter inherently substantial caused by the persona of
lux society, and our personal needs. Essential, still auxiliary to some extent.

What do we really want? The question we know the answer. But, in denial to the fact because we
need to move forward and survive.

Surfacing in a delusional belief, granted by the chaotic and benign truth, offered by the situation
we want to continue. Nevertheless, we never sense to be fulfilled.

We wander in a place dim litten, lost and sometimes forgotten. We seek the assurance of the complex
equation, interim to a world of exciting prospects, yet we look forward to the search of a lifetime
and getting there fast too late.

Hoping to get there, simply to notice a great deal of obstacles we made for ourselves. Please continue,
we never know what’s ahead.


By Jaebi
Visit his site at /esˈTHedik/ a r t

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