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Blogger Spotlight: The Wise Lark by Karla Mae Cruzado

Get to know The Wise Lark aka Karla Mae Cruzado with the return of The Ugly Writers' Blogger Spotlight where each blog site is promoted.

And we’re back!

It’s been a while since The Ugly Writers did this and boy did we miss it. So, for our return, the TUW would like to feature one of the pioneer members/admins of The Bloggers Masterclass, and a regular contributor of the now-defunct Bloggers Community, the gorgeously intelligent morning person I have ever know, Ms. Karla Mae Cruzado.

From the get-go, anyone who’ve been following her Facebook Fanpage The Wise Lark should know that this gal is very diligent. She has this certain tenacity that I am sure would pave her way to fame and fortune, well, at least, fame. Karla is on a break from her studies. FYI: She’s taking up Medicine. An early bird, a passionate educator, a budding jeweler and a creative writer (among many things), she can do anything she sets her mind into.

She started her site The Wise Lark as a journal, documenting her journey of continuous learning. Having said that she’s an educator, it isn’t a surprise to know that like most of us, she deeply craves for knowledge.

Live, learn and inspire. Yes. Karla imbues optimism in her work. Her optimism attracts a lot of good-hearted people like Marisse Lee (of Harping by a Pixie), Karla Carreon (of Karlamaye), Tajwarr Fatma (of Life as we have never known it) and Marvin Gabriel (of ShopZada PH), all of whom, share the same passion as her.

Okay, enough with the ass-kissin’ and let’s start presentin’!

A. Profile

  1. Name : Karla Mae Cruzado
  2. Occupation : Volunteer Teacher
  3. URL:
  4. Email Address:
  5. Facebook Page URL:
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B. Website

The Wise Lark

The Wise Lark, under the Blogger platform, sports a minimalist design, making use of negative spaces. The touch of black accent creates a slick yet youthful imagery. Widgets are packed but not too cluttered. The font she used (Molengo) completes the minimalist feel. It is readable and doesn’t hurt the eyes. The Ugly Writers really loved her logo. It speaks volumes about her personality. Distinct. Playful but means business. Straightforward.

All in all, I’ve always loved visiting Karla’s website, especially in desktop mode. Clean UI and great writing make for additional re-read value. But don’t take The Ugly Writers’ word for it. Visit her page today!

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