Effects Of Change

Disclaimer: This Article Is Based on my Random Thoughts! A few Ideas I had from the book; 7 Habits of Highly effective people,-Stephen Covey. It Is not intended to harm/Critique any Entity It’s Mainly for Scrutinization Purposes.

The greater changes we make, the more multifaceted challenges we have to deal with. These challenges are universal, and they keep increasing on a daily basis and the solutions to them have, and will always be dependant upon timeless, self-evident principles prior to the values and beliefs of every man.

In the Journey Towards achieving our aspirations and overcoming the least to the greatest challenges we might face, the identification and application of a set of principles whose results we seek are applied in avoidance of any obliterating Effects. Our Application of these strategies is however based on to mention a few, our Unique strengths and creativity. But to achieve success in these endeavors, It’s derived from our actions. in accordance with the principles which success is being tied around it.

However, there are certain ”restricting” factors to which people tend to consider and rather act the wrong way in a seemingly foolhardy right way.

One of these Factors Can be, and it’s definitely Fear. The fear of heeding to Mark-Twain’s; ”If you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause, think and reflect.” The vulnerable attitude towards tackling the ”Fear Factor” fosters a resignation to risk-less living, alongside co-dependency with our Social lives.
Let’s take a look at Blame And Victimism
20 out of every 22 Problematic situations you may witness or get involved in, You’re likely to find a Finger-Pointing of the blame. The Society Promotes it, so it becomes a welcomed policy in our Daily interactions with people. ”IF only my boss isn’t cocky IF only I wasn’t born Fat!…IF only!”
Quit It! Blaming others, over the problems we face may seem okay as it aggregates a potential temporary relief, But does it really? I mean If you have ever done that before or you’re doing it right now, do you really feel at ease? You probably aren’t-Well except You still have a conscience- Fact is; While we keep practicing these acts, it all rolls down in creating a bad effect of change which we’ll still be the ones to bear and also chains us firmly to the very issues we try to hide from. One of the few ways out of this surfeit dilemma is a clear mantra:”I’m The Creative Force Of My Life.”

Let’s Also Not forget This widely Practised corrupt vice:

What’s In For Me?:
Inevitably, we all ‘need’ money, but it’s heartbreaking to see others extend it to the acquisition of Fame, Power, Respect and the likes… But let’s be frank, all these are mere material benefits and artificial prowess. Wealth can never save a man! Yet we hide behind a facade and feel we’re superior over others smh! Come off your high horses if you’re wealthy, help the needy, and do it willingly and with 100% Humility. Greed and Selfishness will amount to nothing good but rather introduce deceit, hatred and then conflict slips in.
Life Is Not A Game!Neither Is It A Race!
If you go by the saying ”Life Is A Race,” tell me, how do I press reset button when I make a mistake? One great achievement achievable by man is mastering the Art of ”We.”
True greatness will be achieved through the abundant mind that works selflessly for mutual benefits.
While the key to influence is communication. The replacement of ”Listen And Respond” To ”Listen, Think, Review and Respond.” is highly recommended

However, The principle of influence is being governed by mutual understanding born out of the commitment of at least one person to deep listening first.
You, and I, We all share things in common, yet we’re so different!
We think, act and speak differently which sometimes we do not come to terms and then arouses conflicts. Therefore, we agree to disagree! Probably, much good has been witnessed from compromise. I lay my claims, you lay yours, and we’re being forced to come to terms with some decisions neither of us is 100% pleased with.

What a waste to fail to unleash the principle of creative co-operation in developing solutions to issues that are better than either party’s original notions!. Personal Stagnation!

The Idea and purpose of making the world a better place without putting into consideration these issues and much more out there, has carved a path of obliteration!

Do what You think is Right! and consider the feelings of others while you do so. In other words:

”Let Your Actions be based on what’s right, not what you find convenient”- Lawson Elijah…

There and Then, If we’re able to learn and practice the world would then form itself. Perhaps the human race hasn’t gone into extinction then…


By Lawson Annie Elijah
Positive Impartation

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