To All NORMAL People,

Do you know what anxiety does, and how it affects people? Read on. If you feel like someone very close is becoming unreachable (in a lot of sense), this may help you understand.

You want to try, but you just lay back, fearing failure.
You want to trust, but you doubt, fearing betrayal.
You want to confide, but you hide, fearing judgment.
You want to laugh, but you weep, fearing storm after the calm.
You want to relax, but you panic, fearing commotions.
You want to showcase, but you shy away, fearing destructive criticism.
You want to talk, but you shut up, fearing interruption.
You want to be real, but you pretend, fearing unacceptance.

You scare yourself, you worry too much, you overthink. You know you don’t wanna do it, but your mind just won’t put up. Your thoughts are haunting you, and you can’t run away as you’re tied to it. You’re fragile.

People tell you, “It’s all in the mind, get over it!

Yes. It’s all in the mind. As far as I could remember, Science in 2nd grade taught us that the brain controls everything in our body. Can my hands hold the thoughts that flow into my head? Can my mouth tell my brain to stop thinking? Can my eyes see and predict what my brain will tell me in the next minute?

I admit to being abnormal. Because normal people say that we have the power over our thoughts. I’m not normal if that’s how I can justify my situation to you. You might say I am making things up just to support the drama I am creating for myself. You may not know, but you need to know — Anxiety is a disease. It’s a sickness. It’s a disorder. You’re lucky you don’t have it. You’re lucky, your brain cooperates with you every time. You’re lucky, your thoughts do not poison your life disposition. You’re lucky, you don’t have anxiety disorder.

Till it happens to you, you won’t know how it feels.

By Clang Mae
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  1. This made me realized how blessed I am that I don’t have anxiety. I remembered one of my classmate commit suicide last month. I really felt sad about what happened to her. How I wish that I talked to her so that she can share with me what she is feeling that time and avoid that suicide thing. I’ve realized that
    its okay to be scared sometimes but don’t let that fear control you. Thank you uglywriters. I hope that you can share more about mental health awareness topic ?.

  2. Lance Atienza

    Anxiety is a normal thing for a human being in his/her daily life but too much or excessive anxieties leads to another and in the form of a disorder. It becomes a disorder when it is already detrimental in all aspects of live and can’t perform or do even just a simple task.

    In recen years, anxiety has been the subject of so many millenials and they use it just to attract some people about what’s going on with them without realizing the people who really experience this such sad reality. People should be aware on crossing the lines if its appropriate to say such words even if they don’t suffer anxiety and give proper attention and help to those people who really suffer from it.

    Sometimes it is ok not to be ok like having an anxiety issues but we must learn how to have that sense of control on ourselves to avoid such regretful event. It’s ok to seek help if that can make us a better person and to be able to handle such problems. And never forget those people who value and loves us and vice-versa because they’ll help and guide our lives.

  3. Anxiety can manifest as a disorder when it becomes detrimental over your psychological, social, physical, and mental well being. Aside from that, one of its key trait is the fear becomes excessive as it continuously affects a person.

    Presently, anxiety becomes rampant around people. It inhibits a person to make decision and it also makes us irrational towards our action. Yet, we must know that anxiety is good at some point. It reminds us that we also need to be worried about such things and/ or be afraid over unknown circumstances but we must know when anxiety becomes a disorder.

    All in all, it is okay to feel anxious from time to time but we have an obligation not just to ourselves but also to other people as well. We must use our self as an instrument to tell them that it is okay and we are here beside them as they face their own demons from here in out.

  4. Anxiety is a serious but treatable disorder that affects a lot of individuals. Anxiety makes it so difficulty for a person to connect to anyone, even to people he or she love the most. If you have a friend struggling with anxiety, encourage them to get help, because it’s really important that they seek help to lessen what they feel. And also let them know that you’re worried about them and you are willing to help.

  5. Most of the millennials faced anxiety because of different reasons. Anxiety is a serious disorder that can affect people’s life. There’s a lot of reason why people have this kind of disorder, for example, they faced school problems, they have a phobia or they have an extreme fear of one thing, etc. If his/her anxiety became serious it can affect his/her whole life. So if you feel or you’re suffering from anxiety let your parents, friends or even a doctor know about your feelings so that they can help you to overcome this kind of disorder. For those who haven’t this kind of disorder you/we are so lucky because we didn’t experience anxiety, we don’t know how hard for them to suffer anxiety every day.

  6. Anxiety is a mental disorder that most Filipino is not taking seriously. They think that there is no such thing as this one, that we are just thinking that we are anxious, just what like stated in the article anxiety is just in the mind, but we have to educate them that mental disorders are just the same as anatomical disorders and other system diseases.

    Anxiety can be caused by so many things, here are some problems and conflict with friends, family, classmates, workmates and such. This anxiety takes away the opportunity in us to live our life to the fullest. There are so many things to get rid of anxiety like therapy, medication and interpersonal activities. As a future Psychologist, We are here, for those people who are suffering from mental disorders like anxiety to help them to get rid of anxiety.

    These kinds of articles are such a good help to the community because it aims to raise awareness to each and every one of us what people is suffering or feeling when they have anxiety.

  7. In generation nowadays anxiety has becoming a major dilemma in our society. Some are having a hard time coping up with anxiety which some of it already affecting their daily lives. Being unheeded by the society it is becoming a great toll in ourselves and in our surrounding

    In the passage we can see that anxiety is no joke. Some we have seen people are taking the easy way of ending their lives. they being overwhelm with the things that cause them anxiety.we can just take a couple of minute to think of every positive that you can unravel in your life. Not everything that you experience in life is negative. It may overshadow it but once you realized the memories of the past of a positive life. Everything starts from there to overcome anxiety.

    -Rowell Ong

  8. Anxiety disorder is a psychiatric disorder involving fears and worry. I think this is common to people who’s working and studying because they are usually experiencing fear and pressure to their work or school projects. And, as a psychology student, this article helps me to define more the anxiety disorder and elaborate it well. This explains how this mental illness appears on a person, how it affects the life, and what is the symptoms. This article thought us that those people who’s not experiencing anxiety disorder was very lucky to have a productive and healthy mind.

    Santos, Jorgette Andrea E.

  9. There are monsters that take over us and we tend to break, not just because we’re weak, but because it devours us and sips on the little life that we have left. the thing about anxiety is that it comes when we least expect it, it’s a harbinger of something that evolves in our head. people tend to say that it’s easy to control, to get over, but not every person’s the same. we all have our monsters, we may or may not get over them, but we are not alone. in this battle, what we need to understand is that it’s okay to feel it, we’re not a burden, and maybe, one day, we will understand, and so will they…. they will, in time.

  10. Each of us have felt anxiety at one point of our life. Whether before a test, in public speaking even on our first date. It is a normal response to worry about uncertain things. But what of those who experience Anxiety Disorders? Imagine having to worry each and everytime. We might encounter someone throughout our journey who suffers the same condition. Since, they act weirdly and worry too much we tend to judge based on their actions, not realizing that they are anxious people. These peoples have dark thoughts lurking on their mind, awaiting a moment to come out to make even simple task complicated. If you meet someone with such condition learn to understand them. In all the people in the world they much needed a person to talk to and stand by with.

    -Ragay, Manuel

  11. Anxiety or simply being anxious is a normal thing. It is so easy to say that we are anxious over some things regardless of how small or random that thing is. However, when this gets too intense and excessive to the point that it causes significant distress or impairments in some areas of functioning along with other symptoms, it becomes a disorder that deserves attention. Proper attention and help are what the people suffering from anxiety disorder needs. Its no joke to be affected by ths kinds of issues. They need understanding and a good support system to be able to cope and fight the disorder that poisons them.

    For the ones suffering from an anxiety or any othe mental health issues, remember that it is okay not to be okay from time to time but it is always okay to seek help. It may be hard but it is okay. Be reminded that there are people who truly cares and values you more than you have ever imagined.

    So, as for the lucky people who doesn’t suffer from an anxiety disorder, let us give a helping hand and keep an open heart and mind to make it easier for them to live this life effortlessly.

  12. Anxiety is the most common happened to every person. I would say being anxious sometimes is just normal because no one is perfect. It happens that sometimes you get anxious before to do something. But sometimes person got eated of anxiety, they choose to think their anxiety. They choose to eated by their anxiety than to understand how to stop overthinking about things. I just have thought that anxiety is really real but when I red this article I say that anxiety disorder is needed to take it seriously because it is an disorder that most of as is not aware. They need to know the anxiety to understand other person why it is happenning to them. Not by just saying that do not overthink, its all in the mind.

    -Hazel Betic

  13. I think anxiety hinders us from being a person, in essence. It is a barrier continuously blocking our way towards the things we want to do. Anxiety shouldn’t be compared to depression. People saying “anxiety lang naman yan, hindi depression” are people who haven’t felt and undergone the terrors of anxiety. Anxiety is like a black mist continuously following you whispering a bunch of what-ifs which will in turn cause you to be anxious about what is going to happen. Anxiety is not joke, there fore, it shouldn’t be treated like one

  14. I have nothing to say because all the comments above is all perfect and they’ve said everything so i feel anxious that my answer or comment is ridiculous but big thanks to my friends and my family for helping me everytime whenever i feel anxious about everything. ?

  15. Anxiety is something that shouldnt be treated lightly. Its something that we rarely talk about, thinking that its not that as it is. But the more we think that way, the more we stray farther from anxiety’s cure.

  16. Having anxiety is different from just being anxious. Anxiety is more than just being “nervous”. Anxiety is when you feel like everyone around is judging and saying bad comments about you even though in reality no one is even looking at you, it is when you’re too afraid to speak in front because you think what you are gonna say is not worth of other people’s time. It is when you’d rather miss an opportunity than face other people. It is when you start to panic with just a mere thought of something bad may happen.

    Everyone may feel nervous at times. Its normal to feel shy sometimes. But we need to understand that Anxiety is far more worse than these things.

  17. Anxiety is a very hard thing to deal with in your everyday life. It changes what we do and changes how we think. This article gives us only an ounce of what a person with anxiety feels like. As it suggests, we can never know what anxiety feels like till we actually have it. This article is a good read and it is quite informative. It tells us that what we call “normal” may not be so normal to other. So we shouldn’t be so quick to spit out words that could mean something else to other.

    -John Salandanan
    Psy 152

  18. Anxiety is a serious disorder but others make fun of it because they don’t know how it feels and the consequences of it. Some people claiming that they are one of those who have it where in fact they are not diagnosed. Upon reading the article I realized how lucky I am because I don’t have that kind of thing though sometimes I feel anxious whenever I’m doing a public speak but it’s different from the anxiety itself.

  19. Everyone should see this article because it’s one of the good information we can get about anxiety. Anxiety should be taken seriously and right information about it would be a really good help to erase the stigma about it.

  20. Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying.

    When you’re feeling anxious or stressed, your body releases stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. These cause the physical symptoms of anxiety, such as an increased heart rate and increased sweating

  21. As what i’ve seen on the comment section, it seems that they took interest on the definition of anxiety, how we can help people who are experiencing difficulty caused by anxiety. But, i wanted to focus on importance of this piece of art than the meaning of anxiety since there were a lot of comments that explains it already very well.

    I think this writing was so essential to all, especially for those people who’s suffering from this so called “Anxiety”. This will serve as awareness onto someone who didn’t know how anxiety affects our behavior yet an inspiration for those who suffer.

  22. The worst thing about anxiety, I think, is that you know these fears are irrational. But that “what if?” Factor, that fear of the unknown, the uncertain, that’s what gets you. You can never know exactly what someone is thinking or how they are perceiving you, and that is terrifying. You only know yourself and your reality, you don’t know theirs. And because of that, you assume the worst. You fear they will see all of your flaws and hate you. Perhaps that comes from not liking yourself. You think everyone is going to hate you as much you hate yourself.

    Social anxiety is literally so tough. Back then I know that I’m a fun talkative person deep down inside, but i feel like my personality get scared. So when I actually do muster the courage to talk to someone, I have nothing so say, and start saying nothing and my heart beats out of control. All I can do with people is ask questions, if I do speak. But most of the time I’m quiet and want to run away. I think low self esteem is something that probably contributed to it.

    This article says it all, I’m lucky i overcome all those traits. Maybe, all we need to do is to start believing ourselves, stop overthinking, and put much effort to open up and communicate to someone because after all each one of us has flaws.

  23. Having fear and being anxious at times is normal, but if it gets too much and if it happens all the time to the point that it’s already debilitating, then it may lead to being a disorder.

    According to the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5), anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive fear and anxiety and related behavioral disturbances. Fear is a response to real or perceived imminent threat, while anxiety is an anticipation of future threat. There are different kinds of anxiety disorders.

    Anxiety is real! It’s not just “in your mind”! But just like a physical disease, it can also be treated.

  24. Anxiety really affects all class present in the society. Either lower class or upper class can experienced it. But one thing is for sure about people with anxiety, they really need SUPPORT system around them. Given the true facts about what it feels to have anxiety above, it’s really hard but we can help people them by giving advice they can use. ?????.

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