It’s Golden Brown…

In my country
I am treated so well,
that there is not a single moment
I thought of staying under the veil.

Whenever I went to shop for my meal;
they always offered the dual combo deal.
But I didn’t want the combo,
rather something which would fit my diet.
Diet that would make me look thin and smart;
though that wasn’t my real appetite.

But I had to change my taste,
because society taught me that is what is best;
for me, for her and for all our fat ladies out there.
Else people will talk for wearing dresses, which are partially bare.
So, you see the amount of love that I get,
and mind you, this is not body shaming.
Because right from my childhood
I have been taught
that it is cute if someone is naming.
Naming that hurts you the most,
and makes you realise that beauty also comes with a cost.

But what about Jane?
My friend, who is insane,
and is always busy buying cosmetics;
because for her, it is more important to flaunt her aesthetics.
Because without those products, she feels that she would be vile.
But who will make her understand that all those would ultimately get futile?
Because black was the colour she was born with;
that is the colour that would remain.
All these beauty products and cosmetics will all go to vain!

Just for a moment, look at Cheryl Haworth,
Deena Castor, Jennifer Parilla or Stacey Bowers.
They are fat, tall, short, thin and black,
but ignore all, and look at their powers.

They are the winners of bronze, silver and Gold;
but alas! There also you will see colours, determining the ranks to be sold!

It's Golden Brown

By Debojit Chakraborty

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