City Life Struggle

Life in the city can sometimes be overwhelming. It is fast and demanding. It requires you to exert a lot of effort and forces you to take it up a notch every single day. A simple and ordinary day in the city does not seem so simple and ordinary at all. It is a challenge, heck, it is always and indeed a challenge, and you are always up for it. But then it tires you. Life in the city is not what you have always wanted because you come to a point where everything just exhausts you. It drains your whole system; it sucks the energy out of your body.

I am a city girl, but I have always liked staying home. Going out, for me, means wasting your time getting stuck in heavy traffic. The only time I get out of my house is when I need to go to school and to run some errands. It is not that much, but the people, the pollution (land, noise, and air!), the weather, the traffic, the stress altogether — that is too much. I cannot completely escape from these because they have been there before and will always be. Not to mention the inconsistency of everything. One day the roads will be clear, giving you easy access to public transportation and the next they will be jam-packed, making you wish you have superpowers so you will not be late for school or work. One day it will be a bright sunny day, the next it will make you want to call for Noah’s ark. One day the train will arrive fast and almost empty, the next it will arrive when you have graying hair and makes you wish you were Baymax so you can inflate and fit inside, along with the other sweaty Baymax-wannabes.

City life pushes you to your limit, and there is actually no limit at all. It unconsciously brings out your inner Hulk, even when you are just falling in line for a train ticket. Honestly, I am not even sure how I am able to survive my daily life; perhaps it just requires a little getting used to. Moreover, one day is different from the next, and the next, and the next. They may require the same routine, but they make you realize that it is a different day. Same goal, but a different level of stress. Today is not the same as yesterday, and definitely, a different one compared to tomorrow. I learn to live with this kind of lifestyle, somehow, and I can say that I am getting used to improving and upgrading my daily tolerance of all things city. My patience, though, has no hope.

Also, everything goes fast when you live in the city — time, news, gossip, energy, work, school, even relationships, you name it. Life in the city goes by so quickly that there are times when you cannot even keep up anymore. It means that you gotta adjust, change your pace, so you do not get left behind. No one ever wants to get left behind, especially when you live in a city where everything speeds up, pretty much every city in the world.

I know for myself that I will always choose to be in the city where the stress is, but I will also need to take a break from it all.



By Prei

Precious Valencia



  1. Sometimes you feel bad for people that only live in the city, they have little to go, to really relax

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