You’re Beautiful

If given a chance to look like somebody, who would he/she be?

You may never look like him or her, but let me tell you that it’s okay.

You look like yourself, and that is wonderful. That’s what makes YOUnique. There’s no one in this world who looks exactly like you, not even an identical twin.

If you feel like you have to work on yourself to look better, go ahead, why not. I just hope that wherever you may be on that journey, you are able to love and accept yourself.

Looks are skin deep. Being physically attractive is not the most important thing in this lifetime. You can be an awesome person without having “good looks”. Who’s to say what looks good anyway? It’s very subjective. What’s good-looking for some may not be good-looking for others. Just as you can’t please everyone, you can’t make everyone think you are beautiful.

You may not be beautiful for some, but it does not matter. As long as someone thinks you are great the way you are, you’re good. I hope that among all the people walking on this Earth, the first person to think that way about yourself is YOU.

By Karla Mae Cruzado
Check her out at The Wise Lark

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