Releasing the Story

by Syl Dinada

“The Young Man told many stories of his experiences and adventures,” Biella said, “However, his reasons for telling them were more than the joy of sharing and remembering. Those were bonus. The stories would come, for whatever reason, and he would tell them.”

“When they came they came. His telling a release. Invariably positive, almost always, joyful stories of significant and profound happenings in his life. Simply how he viewed the world.”

“Why then, one might ask, was release a substantial aspect of his telling?” Biella paused. She smiled, a tender grace-filled smile.

“He was releasing his stories into the Universe. He was releasing himself from his connection to them. He was saying thank you to the Spirit of Humanity, to the Universe. He was tidying his life. He was undoing his connections to this World.”

“He was slowly but surely preparing for his Journey into the Unknown. This journey is not death, it could be, but not necessarily. It is the Journey of going beyond ourselves. And for this, there can be no residual connections. No hankerings, no unfinished business to hold one, or pull one back. For the Journey into the Unknown we need to be Free. Free of connections of all kinds.”

Biella looked out into the deep still night, looking far across the Universe. “For the Journey into the Unknown we have to be free of anything and everything. It does not mean we have no memories. No, we simply need to be free of any and all of the inadvertent connections those memories can have.”

“In the case of most of the Young Man’s stories, the connections, the ties, were simply unexpressed Appreciation. For the Young Man, at the time of those significant events and experiences in his life, there had been More, much More, than he had been unable to express at the time. The Circumstances-of-Then, of his past, simply did not warrant such fullness of expression. Resulting in the unsaid. The unsaid that wants to be said. And when said, there is Release.”

Biella smiled a wistful smile, “It matters not that the unsaid is not said to those involved. It is said to the Universe, and that is enough. If the Intent is Impeccable and Appropriate, that is enough. When we tell our stories like this, it matters nothing at all who sees them, or even if anyone does hear them. They aren’t meant for anyone but ourselves, and the Universe.”

“When we have released what needs to be released, our bodies know it. There is a change. A profound change. The stories inside us change. They no longer carry the same pressure. Even though, as in the case of the Young Man’s stories, it was a positive pressure. It was just his bent that the pressure was positive. Pressure is pressure, it has to be released if we are to be free.”

Biella laughed softly, tenderly, “The telling of our stories, the stories of the Significant Memories and Memorable Events of our lives is a Profound Exercise. In many ways. It is the telling of what was significant and memorable to *us* that is important. This is the key.”

“It is why these stories cannot be written for an audience. That corrupts them. They can only be told to ourselves. To the Universe. Which is also us. It is about balancing our lives and being at peace.”

“For different individuals the way we come to peace is substantially different. In this we can only be true to ourselves, telling our stories in ways Appropriate to our deep selves. When we do, we set those stories free. And we know. We feel it, we feel the increase in energy. It is a profound undertaking, to release ourselves from our memories and the ties they hold. It is profound and liberating. It is a significant step towards Ultimate Freedom.”

Releasing the Story

By Syl Dinada

From: The Young Man’s Story (For Comments)

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