Quoting the Self

Quoting the Self By Syl Dinada

I keep a constant file of quotes from my writings, any kind. Chats and comments included. It’s most useful. I pulled from those quotes to use in each chapter of one of my books:

Quotes used in Book One of The Biella Series – The New Nobles

Ch 1:

“One Concept to rule them all,
One Concept to find them,
One Concept to bring them all,
and in the unawareness, bind them.”

– From: Tales, Myths and Fables of the New Nobility

Ch 2:

“The Real Magic Of Anomalies lies in The Resolution of Doubt. The memory of the Magic is a temporary Joy, even though it lasts a long time, and never fully goes away. But the Resolution of Doubt, that lasts a lifetime. It forever locks us into knowing the decision Resulting from the Anomaly is unquestionable. Those decisions become anchor points of power. The cornerstones and foundations for a life that builds. A life that builds on Magical Decisions which are inviolate. Magical Decisions we *know* are long-term, Overview Decisions. Decisions Appropriate in the Overall Context. This is a Phenomenal Gift. The Phenomenal Gift of Anomalies. The Gift of Connection to the Universal SuperComputer. The Gift of Access.”

– From: Insights of the New Nobility

“There is Magic out There…
out there Beyond the More…”
– From: Reflections on The Perfection of Now

Ch 3:

“Mastering the Art of Extrapolation is imperative.”
From: Perspectives of The New Nobility

Ch 4:

“All matter is simply temporarily transformed energy. To me, the Energy that is the Universe, has an Intent. Therefore it *is* Intent. When I capitalize Intent, that is usually what I am referring to, or connecting to. My personal intent, is like a tiny fragment that has become separated and is trying to reconnect. It is a minuscule piece of the Intent that is Universal Energy.”

– From: Mysteries of the New Nobility

“A deliberate choice to be Unrelentingly Positive is the Ultimate Charity.”
– From: Constant Reminders of the New Nobility

Ch 5:

Be, just Be.
Being you, just you.
that is enough
I will be me.
And that is enough.
Then we can be we,
and that will be
more than you
and more than me.
But first
we just need
to Be.

– From: Poems of the New Nobility

Ch 6:

“It is only when we LIVE what we know,
that we are Real. Yes?” – Tym Noble

Ch 7:

“It is the School *OF* Nobility. Not the School *For* Nobility. Nobility, Nobleness, is not a given. No-one is entitled to it. It is available to anyone. The School of Nobility is open to anyone, from anywhere, of any age, at any time, for this reason. The pursuit and acquisition of Nobility is a Process. An ongoing Process. One no New Noble ever ceases. Nobility is something we have to acquire for ourselves. Nobility is an Awareness, and like Awareness, it is something we have to do for ourselves. Nobility can be learned, but it cannot be taught. We have to acquire Nobility *for* ourselves. This does not mean we have to do it *By* ourselves. The process is greatly enhanced when we do so in association with others. When we share, when we co-operate, collaborate, interact with fellow journeyers doing the same. When we are simply in the presence of others undertaking this profound activity, it makes a difference. But, it is always a matter of Personal Predilection. Always. Because Choosing the Noble is a Free Choice. It is not something we *have* to do. That is what makes it Noble.”

– From: The Perpetual Aspirant

“Surety is a fine mirage.”
– Fine Noble – From: Finesse by Fine Noble

“Without Application the More means Nothing.”
Credo of The New Nobility

Ch 8:

“An Acute Awareness of our own nincompoopery
is a critical ingredient for Self-Development.”

– From: Tools of the Aspirants

Ch 9:

“For the New Nobility, it is all about Developing Awareness, Enhancing Awareness, but it is not a cold intellectual exercise. No!! It is the exact opposite. The more Aware we become the more we Connect. The more we Connect, the more we Appreciate, the more we are able to be Appropriate. The more we Feel, the more we Live, the more we are centred in our Being, the more complete is our Being.

This is why Being, the Promotion of Being, is the Mandate of the New Nobility. Being is Now, Being is connected. When we are immersed in connecting to Everything, our inner, our outer, our environment, our community, Nature, the World, the Greater Flow, the Abstract and Ultimate, the Infinite; That is when we are Truly Being. That is when we are fully fully Alive. That is when everything is Awesome. That is when we are immersed in Appreciation, and that is when we experience the additional effects of Appreciation, such as Rapture, Bliss, Elation, Grace and More.”

– From: The Story of The New Nobility

Ch 10:

“There is always Goodness somewhere in everything. To believe otherwise is to deny everything.”

– The Young Man – From: Quotes of the Young Man

Rule of Sentience Thirty: “Sharing has a Sweetness, Wonder, and Mystery all its own.”


“Life is a Magical Dream come true.”
– Unknown New Noble

Ch 12:

“Perception affects Reception.”

“Self-perception cues much. Same as Selective Emphasis and Unrelenting Positivity. How we feel about, and perceive ourselves, has a great effect on how others perceive us.”

– From: Overheard Snippets

Ch 13:

“Attunement to all, while Doing, and Being Aware of that Attunement, that’s the ticket, then the Love Flows. So do the Implications, associations connections…
That’s the Power of Attunement! – It Enables the Flow From Within.”

– From: Dance With Life By Biella Noble

Ch 14:

“Everything as geared to Assisting us with our Awareness. Everything forces us in some way to think for ourselves, to raise our Awareness. Scriptures are excellent examples of this mechanism, containing the entire range of truths from the profound to the absurd, including contradictions and variations. If we are earnest sincere and honest we can only come to this point by ourselves. Scriptures force us to Choose. Through those Choices we raise our Awareness. An incredibly profound example of the mechanism I see in everything. Everything is geared towards Aiding us with our Awareness. Everything.”

– From: Understandings of the New Nobility

Ch 15:

“I love the mystery and possibilities of Being.
I refuse to lock myself into any one,
so as to not deprive myself the fun of exploring them all.”

– From: The Wandering Noble

Ch 16:

“As long as we are inside our self-created flawed legacy system, we have to reach *outside* the system for something to base our Trust on. This is how we come to use the Universe as our source of Trust. This is why Anomalies are *Anomalous,* because they do not belong to the system. They are from *Outside.*”

– From: The Crafting of Caljun

Ch 17:

“For Some…it’s the same planet but an Entirely Different World.” – Eluminia Noble


DS: – Love these, are they all yours?

Syl: – Thanks and yes. They are all from within the Greater Universe of my Series. As I write, I document the behind the scenes construction of the Universe. All of the works quoted from, are part of an long list of Supplemental Works. Many of which will be separately published. Some short works, some full length. Others will remain as recovered fragments.

The entire focus of all my writings is Personal-Development. But!! And lol, it is a massive but, for Personal-Development to be useful and meaningful we need Pertinence and Relevance. Or at the very least, it is a great aid. So I write in story form about how Personal-Development is *Applied.*

To connect it all back to the quotes, there is an underlying logic; when it comes to the *Application* of what we have learned, it is most useful to focus and crystallise what we know and understand into quotable format. But, Quotable by *US.* What resonates as a potent quote to ourselves and *BY* ourselves. Thus, to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our Selves, of what we have acquired and of what we want to apply, it is most most beneficial to quote ourselves *TO* ourselves.

Learning to train our minds to think in quotable ways is profound. It trains the brain to abstract the essence of what matters, and this is what is Usable and Valuable to us. When our source is our Self, then it *Matters* to us. We believe it, we are convinced of its truth, and thus it is easier to *Apply.*

DS: – Syl I could not agree more 🙂 You have beautifully encapsulated a profound “truth” about art, self-reflection, narrative and all sorts of fascinating things. It’s interesting as well to reflect on the space in which the “self” and quotes arise and what it is that is aware of them.

Syl: – I make an inordinate effort to condense what is Valuable to me in terms of Awareness into what I call Fractal Conceptions or Self-Telling-Stories. Like cabinet files for computers. When we have what matters to us packed and condensed like that, those kernels are easy to remember, and thus use. All of these ofc gets packed and condensed into the One Concept….With it, from it, we can get anywhere, go anywhere…

Quoting the Self

By Syl Dinada

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