4 Things to know about Pride Month

Four Things to Know about Pride Month

Worldwide, everyone knows that June is Pride Month. Where we celebrate diversity and inclusivity of every gender. In addition, we voice the injustice and our equal rights in this celebration.

Even though prejudice and discrimination in the LGBTQIA+ Community is relevant, we have come a long way to convey message of equality and diveristy. Since then, a great impact was created. This is not only a celebration but an advocacy. Where every year, we  remind everyone that every people deserve equal rights.

Therefore, as we celebrate the pride month,  here are four things to know about Pride Month.

The History of Pride Flag

Artist Gilbert Baker created the first pride flag at Harvey Milk’s request – the first-ever openly gay elected official in California. The first rainbow flag made its appearance at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade celebration on June 25, 1978. It is to honor Harvey Milk as an acknowledged figure in California history.

Following the murder of Harvey Milk in November 1978, the flag became very in demand. Baker removed the hot pink strip from the flag since it was difficult to find that exact color. for production. He updated it once again in 1979 to create the 6-stripe rainbow flag.

Each color correspond to a meaning that reflects pride of minority. The Hot Pink means Sex. While red and orange convey life and healing. Since yellow is the color of the sun, yellow means sunlight. Green is for nature. Turqoise means magic and Indigo and Violet represent serenity and spirit, respectively. In addition, The 6-colored pride flag is still in use today in addition to too many different variations.

Moreover, the world progress on being diverse with different sexuality, multiple pride flags created representing traits and beliefs of each sexuality. This is important for us to know the community better and erase all of the stereotype the world have created.

For example, Daniel Quasar created a rebooted design where he incorporates the original rainbow flag, trans flag, people of color and those living with HIV/AIDS. He believed that this flag represents every community and emphasizing inclusion and progression with his artwork.

Regardless of differences in Flag, those flags only have one advocacy. It is promoting diversity to every people and understand the specturm of sexuality.

The Origin of Pride Month

A series of riots occurred that started days after June 28, 1969. Due to Stonewall Inn, one of the first LGBTQIA+ related properties, was raid by the police. At the time of the raid, those “masquerading” on their opposite sex was a crime. Thus, Stonewall Inn is a safe space for drag queens and people of color.

However, as deemed as safe space, discrimination and harassment is still happening inside the bar. The owner called “Mafia” do extort wealthy customers on revealing their true sexuality in the workplace or with their own family. In addition, the police do occasionally raid the bar. Arresting people that is part of our community and those they see as non-gender appropriate clothing. The people are fed up with the treatment of the police. Therefore, they resisted to be arrested on June 28, 1969. Creating chaos and locking up the police officers and set the bar on fire. The police officers safely get out of the bar and the minority continue to protest.

Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera are arrested for their involvement in the riots even though there was no proof. They were both transgender, drag queens, and activists. Since then, the celebration is celebrated in the Stonewall Inn and it was registered in the National Register of Historic Places.

Former U.S President Bill Clinton declared June as the Anniversary of Stonewall and recognition of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, To be more inclusive, In 2011, Former President Barrack Obama has change Gay and Lesbian Pride into LGBT Pride Month for it to be more inclusive to all genders. Unfortunately, Former U.S. President Donald Trump declined to continue the recognition the celebration which the current president Joe Biden revoke the decision. He is also promoting equal rights for LGBTQIA+ Community.

To know more about the lived experiences of people involved in the Stonewall Riots you can watch the Youtube Video here:

The Early Years of Pride March in the Philippines 

First Pride March in PH

The first pride march in the Philippines took place on June 26, 1994.  along with the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The march started at the EDSA Corner Quezon Avenue and ends at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

In addition, The Progressive Organization of Gays in the Philippines and Metropolitan Community Church organized this event and 30 activists joined. This event is dubbed the Stonewall Manila. Since aside from fighting for equal rights, it was also to commemorate the Stonewall Riots Anniversary.

Aside from the following year, 1995, Reach Out AIDS, a non-government organization, produced and lead the Pride March held in Malate, Manila. This parade was not only to celebrate pride but to promote awareness on the uprising cases, discrimination, and misinformation regarding HIV/AIDS.

Furthermore, Reach Out Aids gives the organization to Task Force Pride Philippines (TFP) where it is a network of LGBT Community and ally groups that have the same goal and purpose. The March Pride was moved from June to December  due to the changes of the organization. Corresponding with the World AIDS Day (December 1), Philippine National Lesbian Day (December 8), and International Human Rights Day (December 10)

From 2005 to 2016, TFP organized the Pride March and later handed to the Metro Manila Pride Organization. Since then, the number of people participate every year in pride march gets larger and larger showing that Philippines might still have a long journey on legalizing equal rights but already far away on celebrating identities, promoting diversity and inclusivity. Lastly, advocating on equal rights.

To see what it looks like on the first Pride March, you can check this tweet by @MurphySCRed:

Some countries do not celebrate Pride Month in June 

Many parades in the South take place in the fall . This is to take advantage of the cooler weather even most of the countries celebrate it by June.  The dates of Kentuckiana Pride in Louisville, Atlanta Pride, and Orlando Pride are all closer to National Coming Out Day (October 11) than they are to the anniversary of Stonewall. Other events, like Atlanta Black Pride (which takes place during Labor Day weekend), go on all year long, so you may celebrate nearly whenever you want.

Originally, Atlanta Pride was in June. However, the authorities changed the location in 2008 pride due to the drought of Piedmont Park. The location changes create decline in participants of the Pride March. Therefore, instead of celebarating it along with  other countries, Atlanta celebrates it in October which coincide with National Coming Out Day. Moreover, the state still have other activities in June to commemorate the Pride Month.

While Atlanta Pride changed Pride March due to nature, Orlando Pride originally set in October. In 2005, a group of LGBTQIA+ Advocates formed the Come Out With Pride on 2005. Since then, celebration of Pride March is in October. Like other countries, it is in line with the National Coming Out Day and National Gay and Lesbian History Month in Florida.

Regardless of what day or month every country celebrate, what really matters is the message, advocacy and the stand of every country in accepting the minority and giving equal opportunity and treatment.

These are some basic information that needs to be known by every LGBTQIA+. However, despite not knowing this information, we all still celebrate and do a pride march annually. It is also for us to commemorate those who lost their lives fighting for equal rights and inclusivity.

This celebration is there to remind us that every sexuality is worth fighting for. That we are not alone. That it conveys the message of camaraderie. To show for those in the closet, this community is all about supporting each other and they are in a safe space. That this community will never stop until everyone is given the same opportunity and there is no prejudice amongst the minority.

Lastly, Pride Month is where we celebrate every color, and every gender. It is a safe space for us. But remember, This celebration is not only to celebrate what we are. But we should always promote inclusivity, diversity, and equal rights.

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