Once, I lost my life

Once, I Lost My Life

since the first day I saw you at the bay, sitting in the sand where the big trees shading you from the sun, I was at the other side sipping my fresh coconut water while waiting for the sun to set down...


(Passion and romance)

While he’s sailing his boat nearby

and I, sitting in the sand waiting

for the sunset to lay down

enjoying the view, as I  looked at his face

and he caught me staringat him, I felt the guilt

he smiled so sweet and waved his hand

yet I was too shy to respond him before my weary eyes…

I  stand  up and standby a little bit more

as I love to watch the sunset goes

down to the other side of the world

yes! I waved goodbye to sun

and  the man in his boat.


I begin to walk back

where my cottage  was,

I felt like someone else is at my back

so turnaround and I saw him

following my paths…

I quickly walk toward the cottage

and I didn’t notice that there’s a  humps,and

I stumbled across the road

I felt my knees head were too painful

and that time, I fainted after seeing

my blood flowing down to face.


I woke up in the bed

with dextrose inserted in my left  hand and blood to the right…

I asked the nurse who brought me out

and she pointed me the shadow beyond the  curtain line…

the nurse walk towards the shadow to informed that I’m  awake

I  saw those weary round black eyes

I just can’t  recall

where and when that was.

while they’re  getting  closer to my bed, I turned around at the other side,

and  a husky voice is what

I’ve  heard talking to me

“Thank you, you’re  awakened Shy”

he smiled at me..

While me, thinking about

myself if who am I?

He called me Shy…

I  look straight in to his eyes and

wanting to ask him why he called me Shy

but I  choose to be quiet and just simply


“You were here for almost 2weeks and I only got one last choice to pick

if you didn’t awake,

I was truly worried about you, the

day you were at the

sead side watching sunset ,

and watching at the same time while sailing my boat nearby… as I’ve been done playing with small waves and  gets tired, I decided to anchor my boat, and  I saw you from then

You hurriedly  get up and  walked off the  shoreline.

Seemingly, we were both

heading in the same direction

I  just can’t  tell why when you turned around and you sees me, you  walk so fast

like you were been followed by a criminal

so turnaround and see who’s  behind but there’s no one else is there but me

that time I continued to walk back the second time  I  saw you lying in  road,

blood flowing through your face

I was frightened that day so I carried you up

until we reached my cottage and brought you here. I’m sorry to say but I meddled  your personal  information where I  need to find about you”….

“I   can’t remember  anything about your story… Mr.?

“Oh by the way Sonny, sorry ”

“Sonny, and  thank you for saving my life…

and that time the doctor was arrived and the doctor. explained why I  can’t recall even a single thing about me…

At six o’clock in the evening you came back with a bunch of white roses and food

I sniffed the flowers and they’re  gorgeous…

“Thank you for buying this lovely flowers and  food (you  smiled at me)  I don’t know how to repay your kindness

and without your help I  might be dead by now”

“I am sorry too for giving you a such  responsibility for the rest of the time and days looking after me.

I wish to go back home  but I don’t know how

I don’t know where  will I go

” Don’t  worry Shy, for the meantime  you’ll stay at home  with me until you get recovered” that night with Sonny’s words  I feel the comfort within his words…

I slept and rest  without  worrying and wake up with a smile..

I was discharged and as what he told me, he bring me over to his home

And I met the rest of his family circle..

Days, weeks and months  goes by,

And year passed by the longings and loneliness triggered my emotions and I begin to fall in love with the man who I doesn’t

know at all. One day he asked me to walk in the Broadway and had little fun. And we stayed late outside just to enjoy the  night life and we didn’t notice that we walked  too far from the house until we get caught in the rain

and coastal area turned darker as I’ve  had seen. He rented out one of the cottage.

And since we have been together in one big house,  the stranger feelings has no place for us to bear

“The silence kills the coldest moment of us,

and we continue  filling up our thirsty mouth with  beer. I lost control, and you created the fire to my snowing soul.

I am like a land that full of strawberry that bares the sweetest and juicy berries on earth

You started to tease, my uncontrollable body language. You let me dance with your own rhythm, and I, I am the guitar that you’re playing. Your fingers lingered in ironically to my milky skin complexion your  tongue tongue played around sucking, pinkish nipples while your fingers, lurked in to my senses…

We end up in a night that full of questions  and what I have seen in your eyes were all consolation  that I at age of 28 as my identification’s description, Single but

still woman of an old  fashion….

That moment for me gives so much worries

I couldn’t find the answer to my own questions

So I  decided to  move on  from this difficult  time and  situation…

“Shy, why you’re too quiet? I know something’s  not right, could you tell me please cause I’m  not use to it seeing you in that kind of behaviour”…

I moved closer to Sonny and give him a warmth embrace kiss his prominent nose and smiled..

“I am just happy to be loved by a man who bewitched my life and heart,

Thank you for letting me feel the love that I have long for so many years,

Do you ever know that I  am only in that place when you were there sailing alone with the sunset. And now my memory ìs back normally

I don’tknow how it happen  but I  knew something happened in the past

I was conscious that day that you were following me way back home

So I  walk faster and I  didn’t noticed the  humps near  the streetlight I  stumbled and bumped my head and when I  tried to  step forward I  felt something dripping into my face as I saw my blood I don’t know what happened the next…. I’m truly thankful that you were there to save me, and you were here now with me. I hope that no one will claim the man who I love from me…

I have wished this for almost 5years Sonny,

since the first day I saw you at the bay, sitting in the sand where the big trees shading you from the sun, I was at the other side sipping my fresh coconut water while waiting for the sun to set down… and I  stalked over you for those years so I  knew you… even you dont tell me who you are… I  told myself that no one could ever win my heart but only the man who always sails his boat until the sunset is over…

and that was you Sonny.”

Sonny couldn’t  believe that I have waited for him that long and he wins everything in me,

As I won his heart and his  whole family…

now I’m no longer alone in this world  cause I have them  constantly, instantly…



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