The Lady by the Sea

Look closely and you will see

the sea reflected in her eyes; wind and waves, and seagulls’ cries,

the image of a distant land;

a kingdom of dreams and visions,

the outlines of footprints in the sand;

faint hopes, vague premonitions,

memories both strange and grand,

its greenness strongly tinged with solitary sadness,

haunted by unassuaged passion and fiery madness;

a mermaid’s far away paradise:

the home for which she longs and sighs…

Look yet deeper into her eyes

and through the ethereal mist

see the ancient Spartan tryst:

a castle, old and worn;

a lady, tattered and torn,

her thoughts, ever weaving ever unraveling;

there, in her castle by the sea

faithful Penelope awaits forlorn

the return of her Ulysses

on some future glorious morn.