Crush By Appeng

Why do you always smile?
I can’t hide my feelings even when I lie
Every morning I just want to see you
But when I see you I dont know what to do

You’re my inspiration everyday
Like a bright star in a morning day
When our eyes met,my heart beats fast
It’s just like a thunder roars flash!
Your face makes my day bright
Cause your sweetest smile gives me light
You make my day very special
When I heard you laugh it’s like my life is so important

Everyday I just want to see your smile
But I am here, far away like a thousand mile
I just want you to know this
I really really like you even if you don’t notice me


By Appeng

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  1. Yalung, Andrea – MAR142
    1. Implicit/ Non-Material
    2. Knowledge
    3. The arts of affection & attachment

  2. Benito, Alimoding B. MAR142

    1. Implicit/Non-material
    2. Knowledge
    3. “The Apple of my Eye”

  3. Kenneth Willie M. Layona (BSBA- MAR142)

    1. Implicit/Non-Material
    2. Culture: Knowledge
    3. Explicit/Material Title: Being “infatuated” to someone you like.

  4. Maria Maise Ann Apigo/ Mar142

    1. implicit
    2. knowledge. Wherein it shows here that the author try to express his/her admiration with his/her crush; it and provides a reader statement of facts about the topic.
    3.“Wear Smiles with someone you love”.

  5. 1. Implicit
    2. Knowledge
    3. “Only Rose in a garden of Daisies”

    —BENEDICTO, Lylla Katrise

  6. DANCEL, Chrysa Joy C. -MAR 142
    1. Implicit
    2. Knowledge
    3. Looking at you is my happy pill.

  7. Surio, Sheila Ann D. (Mar142)

    1. Implicit/Non material
    2.Culture: Knowledge
    3: “The key to my heart”

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