Road Not Taken

I have always believed that in making decisions, especially the one that is about chasing our dream, the most important thing is our happiness

You will either look back in life and say,

“I wish I had”


“I’m glad I did”.

~ Zig Ziglar

It’s amazing that how a single decision can change a person’s entire life. We make choices based on our own preferences, sometimes because of other people’s influence, but still this decision will have a great impact on us, just like how we will decide on what path we will choose, the path we will create for ourselves or the path that was created for us?

As I grew older I became more conscious of the actions and decisions I make, I always say that I don’t care about what other people would think of me, but I guess I still do. As a kid, I have always been following instructions that my family gave to me, they make decisions for me that I just casually agreed to, and ever since then I feel like I need their approval of the things I do. I sometimes feel like I’m so naive, which doesn’t help, of course.

Can’t I make decisions for myself? Can’t I make decisions that involve my future? Sometimes question like this struck me, because after all I am the one who is going to live it, the life I will have, the path I will take, depends on it. I already lived 1/4 of my life, and I still feel like I always depend on others too much to the point that even the simplest decision for others to think was still hard for me. What I wanted was just to feel like I can create decisions that I made myself (which I have felt now), the people who surround us, especially our parents are here to guide us but is it really necessary for them to interfere? I mean it’s understandable at some point, they always want the best for us, but also sometimes the best for them was the worst for us. Creating this decision should have a mutual understanding and agreement on both sides, we can’t just shove our ideas to each others mind, we need to make them understand and of course understand them as well. But at this point we just need to prove our point, we want them to hear us, so our thoughts must be heard, we need to speak up, enough of having that fear, because this idea of us having fear that our parents won’t even try hear is out won’t do any good, we don’t know what will happen if we don’t even try. We are talking about our dream, we can’t just give up on it just because they want something different for us.

I have always believed that in making decisions, especially the one that is about chasing our dream, the most important thing is our happiness. We should do the things that make us happy, it is vital for us to know where our heart truly belongs and what it wants, and also to find our passion to do certain kinds of things because this will help us to know where we will settle for what we still don’t know.

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Darel Reyes


  1. 1. The article used “choices” as the analogy to present the concept of Self. The choices deliberately choose or the conformed one’s defines our Self.
    2. Real Self, the article show how choices of others matter for us. It gives the idea of conformity that almost everyone experience. We truly based our decision or what we want to be based on the choices of other that already attained our present goal.

  2. Santiago, Kimberly Ann C.
    ACT 182

    The article used “decisions” as an analogy to present self because it states how decisions are being part to build our real or ideal self. It brings belief about herself, including her attributes and who and what the self is.

    This article depicts real self in a way that she talks about who she is. It narrates her real life from making decisions and path for herself. It seems like she is still in a progress of choosing the path we will create for ourselves or the path that was created for us.

    ACT- 182

    I. The article used “choices” and “decisions” as the analogy to present the concept of self. The choices that we have affects what decision we have to take. It simply says that, in ever actions, choices and decision that we have. We cannot deny the fact that the influence of others in our choices is there but what’s important is our happiness for us not to regret what we do. Because in the end, only ourselves will suffer on our decision.

    II. This article depicts Real Self in the way how the author describe her life and what kind of person she is. It gives an idea what life everyone has just like what life she has. How everyone make their decision and choices and how these will affect one’s future. The influence of other people in attaining our goals to have a better future.

  4. Trisha I. Ellao ACT 182

    This article used “decision” to depict self. Decisions in life define who we are and we will be that’s why our own self is responsible for it.

    This article talks about her being ‘real self’ as she point directly to who she is and tell more about her decisions in life.

  5. Karen Dayle
    ACT 182

    In this article decisions and choices are used to present self because I believe that we make choices and decision base on our characteristic, identity and personality. We must make better choices and good decisions because this will affect not our present life but also our future.

    This article depicts real-self by describing his/her life and how choices and decisions affect it. This article shows that decisions and choices had an impact on our real self and other people also can affect to our growth and how we develop our self.

  6. Dianna Faye L. Cabungcal
    Dianna Faye L. Cabungcal

    ACT 182

    1. The choices and decisions are used to present the concept of Self in this article because just like the author in the article, all of us are products of the choices and decisions we’ve made in our lives.

    2. Real Self. The author wrote about her real life experiences and analyzations.

  7. Isiah David Dones
    Isiah David Dones

    Dones, Isiah David L. ACT 182

    1. The analogy used are “decision” and “choices” to present the concept of self. Basically in our lives we need to make choices and that choices can lead to decisions and then you can now define if it’s a good decision or bad decision. Nevertheless every decisions and choices good or bad we must deal with it, since I believe that everything is a choice and with choices we make decisions, but what important whatever choices or decision we made we must no regret it.

    2. This note refers to the author’s real self since she really talking out the decision and choices that she really made.

  8. Elianar dela Pena
    ACT 182

    I. Choices and Decisions in life was the analogy used to present the concept of self in the article. In every decisions and choices that we’re going to make we should consider the feelings of others and don’t forget to consider our own happiness too. We should also responsible and ready to face the consequences of every decisions and choices that we have done.
    II. This article depicts “Real self” because she shares how those decisions and choices that she had made affect her own life. And she shares also her realizations.

  9. Jan Patricia Lynn B. Usita
    Jan Patricia Lynn B. Usita

    Jan Patricia Lynn B. Usita

    * The article showed “decisions” as an analogy to depict the concept of Self. As we all know, decisions in life have big impacts on our whole self.

    * This article “Road not Taken” depicts “Real Self”. It showed us how the author freely wants to directly point out her thoughts about decisions and how other people affect it. He is also being true to himself as he accepts reality with his own.

  10. Angelica I. Suarez
    1. The analogy that was use to present the concept of Self in the article was “choices” and “decisions”. We should make decisions on our own because it is part of our life. We should not depend on others. Decision making is a process of selecting the best among the different alternatives. It is the act of making a choice. We have our own different paths so we need to make our own decision.

    2. The article depicts Real Self because the author tell us about her own experiences in making decisions and choices in life. Everyone of us can relate to her real life story. She share about her realizations. She also narrates that our decisions have an impact to our life and in our future.

  11. 1. The author used the words “decisions and choices” in the article as the analogy of Self. The decisions and choices that we’re making in our lives can also affects a lot of people in our lives. These choices can either help us to become better or worse.

    2. The article depicts real self. He stated his experiences up to the point when he became too much dependent to others even on making the simplest decision.

    Ma. Ana Jane E. Alberto

  12. ACT182

    1. The analogy used to present the concept of self are the “decision” and “choices”. Both decision and choices are related to each other. Both are the most important aspects in our life because of its strong link to our success. It is about choosing what path you want to take in your life. We are the one who’s accountable for ourselves. We are the one who makes effective decision and choices for us to achieve our goals. Someone can give us advise on something, but still, we are the one who’s responsible for everything that we do. It will always depend on our choices and decisions about what you want to do with other’s advises.

    2. The article depicts “Real Self” because the author clearly shared her own experiences about making decisions and choices in life. Her realizations made readers think how important is decision making in everyone’s life and how other people affects us when we make decisions. She also shared her thoughts about the importance of considering your own happiness when making decisions in life.

  13. i. This article used decisions and choices, that talks about the concept of self of one’s person or the ideal self of the person.
    II. This article talks about the ideal self, that narrates the person’s life in her own decisions.

  14. 1.This article used decisions and choices, that talks about the concept of self towards to a person.
    2. It talks about the real self, on how choices control us, we truly connected to our choices and decisions that conclude you life.

  15. Avellaneda, Neil Bryan V. – ACT182
    1. The analogy used in the article to show the concept of self is “DECISIONS”. Every decisions and choices we make, redirect our lifes path. Life is full of chances and choices but its the decision that will get you to where your heading.
    2. What is being shown in the article is the Real Self of the author because she tells her true lifes decisions and how it brings her from where she is now.

  16. Ericka V . Dueñas
    Ericka V . Dueñas

    1. The article used “choices” as the analogy to depict the concept of self. Simply because, life is a matter of choices, and every choices we make makes us.
    2. The article depicts the “real self” as the author clearly shares her own experiences in making decisions and choices in life. Aside from this, the author also shares her realizations oh how this two words affects our future.

  17. Clarisse Anne Salipot
    Clarisse Anne Salipot

    Clarisse Salipot , ACT182

    1. The article used Choices and Decisions as an analogy to present the concept of self. As a child of a strict parents, i always follow their decisions rather than my choice. it will always be their decisions because i am in their system.

    2. The article depicts real self. the author says what is in her heart and feeling. She says what she want to do and she accepts the reality of the decision/choice today will lead to the future result.

  18. Jose Bermudez ACT 182
    1. “Desicions”, because decisions can build who we are and what we should be
    2. “Real self” becuase she states based on her story and real self

  19. Ignacio, Kyla Faye L.

    1. Choices and Decisions are the analogy to present the concept of self in this article. It explains that in every choices and decisions that we are making we should always consider others feelings and before we do any decisions and choices we should always think of what will happen next and will be the outcome of it. So that we won’t have any regrets in choosing our right choices and decisions.
    2. This depicts “The Real Self” of the author we she shares her own real life experiences in making choices and decisions.

  20. 1. The article used “choices” as the analogy to present the concept of self. The choices we make is what defines our future. Our choices leads to the dreams that we have, therefore it is important to make it on our own.

    2. The article shows real self as the author describes herself and the choices she made. She discusses how and why we should create our own path by making decisions for ourselves.


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