Gung Ho

Despite the Differences

Humans are selfish beings. I am, you are and yes, we are! We always want the best for ourselves. We think that we are special and that we have an edge over the others.

Despite the Differences

Humans are selfish beings. I am, you are and yes, we are! We always want the best for ourselves. We think that we are special and that we have an edge over the others.

As selfish beings, we want others to recognize and see our worth. We want to be known and receive praise for it is what feeds our self-confidence. In that way, we feel that we are being valued and that our existence is worthy of living. We feel special and it clearly shows our individualistic side. We want to prove something! We are self-proclaimed the best among the rest.

On the contrary, no matter how much we put ourselves on the center and gain power and attention, we can never ignore the essential fact of life that we, as selfish human beings are meant to be born in the world to mingle with the other social beings created by God. With that point given, man cannot survive alone. He needs others to fulfil the emptiness of his life and vice versa. This is how collectivism works. To achieve something in life we do not have to turn our backs to the world and work alone. Let us acknowledge the existence of other beings that could offer us a helping hand to make our work a lot easier and bring a little more color to our life. Thus, the movie Gung Ho which has the Americans showing the individualism and the Japanese for the collectivism made us realize and picture how differences in life could be a problem but never a hindrance. What made them successful in the end is the acknowledgement of each other’s differences and existence as well as the opportunities it brings.


You. Me. Us. Everyone exists and everyone matters. Differences are always there but that is what makes us unique and stands out from everybody. But don’t make use of the differences in any aspect of life as an excuse to act like you are somebody and not unite with the others. Use it as a tool to link and share with one another to achieve unity and find peace.

They say every person is special and another saying “a broom is sturdy when it is tied together”. When this two ideas mixed together we can make a sturdy broom special. I do believe that when our differences were sewed together it can make a wonderful art that God would be very proud of. An hour out of trust and love and it’s all priceless.

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  1. What I like about the author’s point is that Humans were actually has a sense of competitiveness. In a way that we always tend to think that we people have an edge or a skill that other people doesn’t have which builds our confidence and esteem. But then, even though we are that skillful enough. We still have to socialize and deal with different kinds of people and it’s because we are only just human and we still have our limitations. As the saying states “No man is an Island” which means a person can’t live alone or do a certain thing by his/her own self. By being able to socialize with other people, we’re not just making ourselves better but we also promote peace and unity.

  2. We humans are competitive in everything we do, but what i liked is that the author of the article points out the we are just in the same level on the eyes of our God. We should realize that we are unique in our own ways, yes we are different but no man is an island, we are born to mingle with each other and respect each other as well.

  3. Wow this article really hits me because I prefer being alone and that is my issue, mingling with other people is difficult for me, well I can but not most of the time I usually alot many time with my own companion only. ” No man is an island”, as what the saying goes and I know that is really the fact. Individualism is good but Collectivism is better for me because of differences there are high chance of better output.

    We are all different and unique in our own way, I hope someday people will learn that differences are meant to make the world better not worst. Make peace not war.

    Human in nature are all created to compete and but eventually forget what is the essential and that is making the humanity better not destroying because of their self gratification and ego. I hope someday human will understand the message of this. I commend the author for this very nice point.

  4. Humans are diverse because they are different in some ways and all they have to do is respect their differences

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