the ugly writers

What Are We Exactly

Reserve your hesitation,

On providing me this information,

Why all the indignation?

Our relationship shouldn’t be like solving a 10-part differential equation,

Your ambivalence is giving me apprehension,

This ‘I think I need time’ is just indecision,

Didn’t know your love came with a contingency,

So, answer me this: please!

What are we?

And stop my anxiousness and uncertainty!

It only causes more suspicion…


Puzzles weren’t fun when I was preteen,

Your present puzzlement,

From my asking the question is abhorrent,

My distrust in you joining your indecision, 

Science wasn’t my best subject,

I’d prefer you end the guesswork,

Otherwise, I may leave with conjecture.

I query the vagueness,

Of all this evasion,

And the little your face says.

Don’t be mistaken,

I am losing patience,

I want resolution,

Your distance is contagious.


I suggest that you hasten,

An explanation,

Because I thought you and I were both taken,

So, why the frown that leaves me shaken?

Your disquiet only quickens my deflation,

Of my fixation,

On us.

Still no reply?

Oh my,

Your silence is vexatious,

But I guess it will let you hear the door

Slam as I leave all our memories on the way out.