Am I Worth It?


Questioning my worth everyday,

Do I need to feel this way?

Am I not enough?

Why does my life need to be this rough?

Do I deserve someone?

Why I can’t just be the one?

Feeling so weak and helpless,

Why do I feel so worthless?

Still trying my best,

Why I cannot be like the rest?

I’m used to being left alone,

I can’t find happiness on my own.

Always being replaced,

I am not amazed.

Tired of being an option,

All I want is love and affection.

Do I deserve happiness?

Why do I receive a lot of sadness?

So tired of pretending,

Why am I still existing?

Feeling like I’d lost everything,

I know I am just nothing.

The only thing I have at night to comfort me is my loneliness,

And the only thing I feel surrounding me is darkness.

Am I worth it?

I still can’t find the answers to it.

But I keep on fighting on,

Because all I want is to keep holding on.


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