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Dam of Insecurities

The dam crumbling, Still you continue, Every syllable a contradiction  To what I view, Damn it, listen. 

Dam of Insecurities


Today I’m a dam,

Or trying to be,

Keeping you whole and happy.

But can’t keep propping you up against

Your wave of insecurities.

My dam cracking,

In places,

But trying,

Though aching,

To save it,

But these doubts want in.

Complimenting you now a chore,

Each time you talk you depreciate yourself,

First a little,

Then more,

Shortening your self-worth,

Leaving me to talk you back to size.

You aren’t pretty enough,

Weight could use a diet,

Just not smart or adequate,

All this negativity flooding from your lips,

Poisoning the water,

Making it rise even higher,

And leaving your mind in dereliction.

The dam crumbling,

Still you continue,

Every syllable a contradiction

To what I view,

Damn it, listen.

You are smart,


And clever.

I can’t say you are beautiful.

Because that doesn’t quite describe

Your perfection.

I’ll hold my walls until I surrender

To your water,

Which I pray is never,

But I won’t stop,

Unless you take my walls over.


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  1. What analogy was used to present the concept of Self in the article?

    Using her dam of insecurities, she was able to present herself to every one. She accepted the fact that there was a time that she’s very down because of the shadows of her insecurities. However it’s so ironic because at the end of her work, she was cheering herself up to make the readers realize that; having insecurities is normal, but we don’t have to live with it, instead, everybody must learn how to accept themselves wholeheartedly. She taught her audience that the true concept of Self is loving yourself before others do despite of all the insecurities who have in your body.

    State whether the article depicts Real Self or Ideal Self and defend your answer.

    From the title itself, anyone could guess if she depicts herself as in reality or not. Of course, the article portray Real self because the author is genuine enough to embrace her insecurities that helped her to appreciate her own kind or perfection.

  2. She uses her thoughts of insecurities to present her self. She uses it to show that, that is the reality we broke down, we get tired and we became anxious of what we do but, at the end of it she also shows that living is not about dwelling in the negativity we are feeling and we must move forward and make ourself better.

    The article depicts Real Self because in real life, all of us get insecure of everyone around us who we think is better than us. also, reality always shows us imperfection and shortcomings thats why we feel we are not enough for someone and for ourselves. Lastly, insecurities and reality are the reason why we think of having our ideal self.

  3. She embraces all her insecurities to embrace her self. She accepted the she is not perfect by having those insecurities. But at the end of her work, she’s contradicting what she said on her first stanzas. Making me realize that having insecurities is just fine. And just improve myself by making those insecurities as my motivation to know what I already have and appreciate what I can do.
    She represents her Real self because she know that she can’t actualized those insecurities that she have. But to appreciate the things that she have on her own.

  4. She uses her insecurities to present herself. She accepted and embrace those insecurities to show that she’s not perfect. She does appreciate all her insecurities. She represent her real self because we get to insecure with anyone in different ways being our real self.

  5. The analogy used in the article was the dam and her insecurities. She considers herself as a dam full of water, trying to love herself but her insecurities just keep on poisoning her water and being afraid of her walls being slowly wrecked by it. It depicts real self because transparency of the writer in terms of her insecurities was shown and expressed properly.

  6. She used all of her insecurities to create a poem, life is all about ups and downs but you need to get up at the end to live another day like in the dam of insecurities no matter how many insecurities you have as long as you live your life, it wont matter.

    The article is a Real Self concept because she narrated all of her insecurities

  7. The analogy used in the article to present the concept of self is the need of perfection.
    The autjor tries yo depicts the reals self. Because he tries to describe his imperfections and insecurities. And it is saod that the real self is a possible self which is difficult to actualize

  8. The analogy that used in the article entitled “dam of insecurities” is self-evaluation or self-esteem, because she used her insecurities to evaluate or describe herself, to know her imperfection, her lacking of and many more. But in the end she accepted that she have an insecurities that are concealed in her shadow or herself. She accepted on what she have and cheering herself. Just like in reality, we can’t deny that all of us have insecurities in our body but at the end of the it’s ourself, the only one who can appreciate it is ourself.
    The article is real self because it said in real self that possible self is difficult to actualize because even though the author have insecurities she accepted it to appreciate her own beauty of perfection.

  9. The author realizes that she have many flaws, all of her insecurities run to her head. But somehow this overthinking made her realize that there was more beyond that downgrading herself, she used is to motivate herself and all the readers of her art. Also, it shows her real self, because that is eho she really was. And she will be able to conquer all that flaws by cheering up herself and the people that surrounds her.

  10. The writer present herself by stating all her insecurities. She looked down on herself as she pinpoints the negativities. At the end, she accepted all of this imperfections and motivates herself to improve those insecurities and appreciate what she really are. She portrays her real self because she presents all her insecurities that an ideal self doesn’t have. She knew that she can’t actualized what she has but to accept what she is.

  11. What analogy was used to present the concept of Self in the article?

    The poem depicts a very strong independent woman who had experienced numerous defeats and struggles in life but despite these dilemmas and unwanted encounters she still stood up and showed people how brave and strong she was in fighting every life’s battle. She showed to many that no bigger dilemma can hinders her in making her life more delighted and more positive. This poem shows that we people should never be afraid of problems and shortcomings because at the end of the day we are humans who are ready enough to face life’s consequences.

    State whether the article depicts Real Self or Ideal Self and defend your answer.

    It pretty shown in the context that it shows real self of the author for she stated and listed down all the things that she experiencing all through our her living. This depicts real self for it portrays real character who putted her experiences into words.

  12. In this analogy, she chose to present her insecurities (a dam of it) to portray her character. She was able to embrace the fact that sometimes she’s not perfect and that there’s something that keeps on holding her back. It was just amazing that by the latter part of the text, she was able to uplift herself and bring the best out of the insecurities she had mentioned in the beginning. It was a good strategy that she chose to speak about her insecurities first so that people could relate and the brought a good attitude in the end.

  13. The analogy used was embracing all her flaws. She use her insecurities to prove that each one of us, at some point in our life, got insecurities but those insecurities must be accepted because like everyone else, we have our own flaws.

    The article depicts real self because in this article, she stated all her insecurities.

  14. She used her dam of insecurities. Even though she have insecurities or flaws, she accepted it and she used it to fight more and be strong. It portrays real self because anyone have insecurities and it’s normal and I think everyone can relate to her poem.

  15. Insecurities can loose your own self. Just accept who you are and love who you are. And be contented of what you have.

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