Desiderata and Errata Part 2


Please First Read Part One: Desiderata:

I am most keen to hear your perceptions, opinions, feelings, insights, thoughts, about this second poem.

Leon Greeff, Errata, Copyright 1979.
*Errata – Plural, Noun: A list of corrections to a publication; a short follow-up article correcting one or more errors


GO EAGERLY amid the noise and haste, and Enjoy it!
Remembering also what peace there may be in silence.
Be on good terms with all persons, it is possible.
There is never a need for surrender.
Speak your truth directly and clearly; as needed.

Listen to others, especially the dull and the ignorant;
their story is your story.
Seek loud and aggressive persons,
they are a Challenge to the Spirit.

Be independent of others to become confident and self-contained;
for there are no greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your Self, it is your achievement as well as your plan.
Keep interested in your own Being, however Humble;
it is your only true possession and career
during the changes of fortune you may participate in.

Exercise Awareness in all your affairs;
for the World is as tricky as you allow.
Let this cause you to enhance the Virtue there is;
as Goodness is where you create it.
Many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of Nobleness.

Be more than Yourself.
Especially, be generous with Affection.
Neither Love without Awareness;
for in the face of all plenitude and Hope,
Love requires more care than the grass of the fields.

Seek actively the counsel of the years,
never surrendering the things of youth.
Cultivate power of Spirit to minimise sudden misfortune.
Immerse yourself with Positive imaginings.
Many joys are born of energy and Communion.
Embrace a potent Discipline, be rigorous with yourself.

You are the Universe.
When you eliminate all doubt, you will be the trees and the stars;
and that is when, you will be fully Here.
Insist on being clear that to you,
the Universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be in Harmony with the Universe,
however you conceive your Self to be,
and whatever your marvellous Aspirations,
in the delightful complexity of Life,
keep Attunement with your Soul.

With all its wonder, challenge, and exciting dreams,
it is always a magnificent World.

Be Impeccable.
Cease to Strive, and you will be Happy.

Leon Greeff, Errata, Original Copyright 1979. (Revised)

Please leave a comment: I am particularly interested to hear your Perceptions of this poem in relation to the first one. I am especially keen to know if your view of Desiderata changed after reading Errata. If it did, how did your views change? Why did they change? What were your basis for perception, particularly initially, of the first poem?


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By Syl Dinada

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