Essential Things You Need To Know:

Self confidence plays a crucial role in building your self esteem.
Self confidence is pretty explanatory, it can be referred to as a sub conscious/ conscious way of believing in yourself in any situation, irrespective of what others say. Achieving self-confidence is a major factor to get rid of conversation failure.

Self-confidence is an important requirement for our daily activities.
Ben Carson, while operating on the Siamese twin, encountered a difficulty and according to the book ‘’Gifted Hands’’, He remembered his mother’s word saying; ‘’Ben, you can do anything,when you put your mind to it’’. When he remembered that, he believed it and he successful performed the surgery.

Self-confidence is a feeling of self assurance, arising from the acknowledgment of one’s abilities (more than one).

Why use his story? He serves as an inspiration to this generation and beyond. There is power when you believe you can do it. Never let anything way you down.

Here are ways to help build your self confidence:

1. Have a balanced life:
You need to balance your school work, job, chores etc. Read on Time management to know how to balance these.

2. Intellectually:
You can’t be confident in your self and yet dumb. You should know a little of everything. Read far and wide, even beyond your area of expertise for you don’t know when they’ll come in handy.

3. Appealing appearance:
Have a nice looking appearance. Look smart and neat always. Dress well either in public on in your comfort zone. Good dressing boosts your confidence.

4. Communicate with positive people:
Move with quality people that’ll help build your confidence. The kind of people who wouldn’t laugh at your weaknesses but help correct them.

5. Quality Environment:
Make absolute sure that the environment you live in is positive, healthy and pleasing to you.

6. Spirituality:
Pray to your God/Allah to help you build self confidence. (As Christians,have the mindset that Jesus wasn’t an introvert, He had confidence in his father (God). Cultivate the same habit).

Leaders Need to be self aware and self confident as this allows them to lead effectively, take risks, make decision beyond expectations.
‘’Believe in yourself and you abilities as a skill, and it can be learnt ’’ LEAP Africa.

Other factors to consider are;

  • Accept and Love your self.
  • Learn to say ‘’thank you’’ to people who commend your skills.
  • Set Goals (Long term and short term)
  • Share your thoughts, and opinions with others(But be careful lest they betray you).
  • Believe in your self! Have an ‘’I can do it’’ type of spirit.
  • Visualize your goal (See it happening already).
  • Accept failure if you fail, and take it as a learning experiance.
  • Be an expert in a field of study, and share that knowledge with others.
  • And finally, reward your self when you succeed. 

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Benefits of Self-confidence

By Lawson Elijah

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