A Blessed Day

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A Blessed Day

It was a bleary yet blessed day and night.

Gave a massive effort to pass these on time.

A sleepyhead of me turns out to be a light sleeper.

Would rather be like this than having an “R” on the card.

Left the house as the sun went up

Then came home as it went down

Kept on yawning on minors I attended.

’Coz I slept late at night for backlogs.

Not the best nor being left behind

That is me, a mediocre in math.

Recitation happened, felt nervous, always!

Praying not to call my name in draw lots.

And yes! Answered prayer. Haha.

Took a quiz earlier

Hoping the results are better

Then played a game in monsoon sim.

Sadly, got the 7th place on this.

Yet, I don’t lose hope,

There is a chance to cope.

Before the day ends,

I bow my head down and close my eyes.

Talking to the highest, king of kings, messiah or whatsoever.

Whispering and say Thank You, Lord ❤️



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