Goku’s New Super Saiyan Form

A Peek at Dragon Ball Super’s Leveled-up characters
Yes, we are all excited with the Dragon Ball Z 1 Hour Special. Dragon Ball Z fans are doing everything it takes to have their own spoilers.

Much is being anticipated with the Goku vs. Jiren encounter which will, according to my own spoiler, will lead to Jiren vs. Hit!. The most interesting new information or leaks are what Goku’s new “transformation” is. There have been many theories, idea’s and speculation surrounding what this transformation is and it seems we finally got the information we were looking for!The Mystery of Self Movement.
The mystery of what? Well, whatever that is, this could be a hell of a transformation! Or not! Basic knowledge of human anatomy would actually give us an idea of how the “mystery of self-movement” is, and a grade 6 student would call that “reflex”.

Remember long ago in the Dragon Ball series, where Goku and Vegetta were talking about that skill to be able to master bodily movement even without thinking? Our body automatically responds to perceived threats, so our muscles automatically react or move in defense against the perceived threat. This real-world scientific notion would basically explain Goku’s principle of the “mystery of self-movement”. So could this be what happens to Goku? And if so how?

My theory on this is Goku and Jiren will have an intense fight where Goku. During this fight, our protagonist may be unable to defeat Jiren because of the latter’s fast counter-attacks. It may be in the near end that Goku will realize that he still has one more skill in his arsenal that he could use. And that would be the spirit bomb! But this will not affect Jire in any way, much to his surprise.

The Fate of Earth. Goku in the near-end may be knocked out to his feet, lying unconscious. In this near-death situation, Goku may be given to remember that instance of talking with Vegetta about the Self-Movement. It is in this situation that Goku will be cursing himself if he will be defeated by Jiren, considering the fate of the Earth should he lose for Jiren. Gathering all the remaining “Ki” from his realm, Goku will eventually wake up from his “slumber” and will activate his “Angel eyes” allowing him to see everything before it happens. This would eventually enable him to self-move.

The result of Goku vs Jiren? Well, that I will not reveal yet. Tell us what you think about this episode? Who will win the battle? Will Jiren transform into something more powerful and use his hidden powers yet, much stronger than the mystery of the self-move?Meanwhile, have a peek of the Goku vs Jiren Full Fight. Enjoy!


By Juan Sanlaksa
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