When It’s Time

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When it’s time for me to let go, I will.
Can you please be mine even for a while?
Just let me hold you and stay with you all through the night
When it’s time, I will forget how you look like,
how you smell and how you stare with those big brown eyes.
How we used to run in the hot summer sun and romp where the grass is green.
How those hands keeps me from the cold winter days.
Those sweet smile and tender kisses you showered me with every day.
When it’s time you will look me in the eye, look back for a while
and say your sweet goodbyes.
I wonder how would I feel when it’s about time
Would I be glad or would I be sad?
Or would I feel the never ending feeling of belongingness
When it’s time for us to end the what might have been
I wish all the what if’s and all the should have been
would not make us regret everything we did that make
us feel the jitters and glitters in our hearts.
I wish for the time that You and I will look back one day and
laugh how it used to be, how we used to be.
When it’s time You and I will wake up one day with a smile on our faces
and a memory forever etched in our being.
We will be free and we will be happy and grateful when it’s the right time.

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Binibining `E

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