Of Intros and Innocence

Hi there. I have made my introductions to you before, but here’s where things get sticky sweet.

Let me first clarify a few things. From my last post, I am talking about a new guy who got my attention…

That fateful day we were finally introduced was something of innocence. Nothing to really think of, just two people who hope to be acquaintances.

Things started cordially. With “Hi”s and “Hello”s and a passion for our craft. I seated beside him, unaware that he will be my downfall. We started talking, but I guess he distanced himself.

I was after all married and had told him so in passing. But fate probably had other plans because as the months grew, we found ourselves in constant contact with each other. But everything was as chaste as a newborn baby. Nothing to really think about on the outside.

But within, there was a spark of flame that I desperately tried to put out.

His mystery, his guardedness…

The authority he holds oh so subtly is something that caught my attention.

I swear I tried to control it. I was hoping that it was only an Innocent crush that would soon fade out. I waited eagerly for the fading of this burn I felt for him.

More months came.

The burning stayed.

That fire grew immensely.

Now, that one time we were out in the open with friends, I understood there was nothing innocent with my thoughts for him.

I noticed myself always looking. Eager to see his smirk. How he ruffles his hair. How he enjoys coffee and seeing how his lips caress the cup.

Imagining those lips on mine.

He was single and had his fair share of broken hearts. We were talking about why girls friendzone guys and what was he missing… Why he hasn’t found the one who he can hold and show his love to.

So I sent out a very subtle statement… Or something that can be considered subtle to guys at least. A few bottles of beer didn’t hurt either. Maybe it’s what got me being impulsive as well. Or maybe I just can’t contain it anymore.

I told him that I had a crush on him. That I would’ve loved to have him.

IF I wasn’t married anyway.

Yup. Innocence was thrown OUT the window.


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