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Be the one who spends your efforts being happy

But first, fall in love and learn its vagaries

Afterwards, feel free to pursue your desires

You are ready to tackle your destiny

Be not be the fake woman

Who lives under the thumb of fake yellow hair

But be from the real world, be for all people

And it’s OK to think less to have more

Remove yourself from the shadow of evil

But be that self that casts a penumbra of goodness

After all is said and done, and the end of the world comes

Goodwill always conquer evil

I used to be the one who went looking for the devil

Until a very wise person put a mirror in front of me

My reflection shocked my senses but don’t worry

I know it’s OK since the devil and I are children of God

Don’t let your conscience condemn you to mediocrity

Put the sun on your shoulder

It isn’t heavy so move forward

Towards your destiny with your heart full of aspirations

Be mindful that the world is warped

Goodness must fight hard to overcome the malice of Man

With the world smaller, people must see each other as family

As a family, we can move faster with assistance and confidence

Racism, the anti-brotherhood belief, wreaks havoc in our country

Where nothing seems to affect warped hearts

It’s apparently a different kind of instruction is needed

And religion is not the answer to twisted thinking

There are places in the south of America suffering from anti-world family pangs

Whose attitude of separateness must be freed from their enslaved minds

They have lived too long under the yoke of deceit and racist attitudes

Lies heard and believed have destroyed their ability to embrace people

Their rejection of brotherly love is apparent

Their state of stupor is borne out of an absence of brotherly compassion

And a fatuous existence in the false belief of their ethnic superiority

They follow morally deficient, amoral, and ethnically

Monochromatic racist leaders with axes to grind

Be from always and never

Be from the life of this world

Be from its living healthy environment

And be the person you were meant to be and help the world get better


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