It’s Friday, finaaaaaally. It’s one of those days when we have a full schedule from 7 AM to 7 PM. When we get to see how the sun rises and how it sets perfectly. Being in school for 12 hours exhausts us physically and mentally. But yes, it’s okay because I know this just a part of our journey to reaping our rewards in the future.

Today, we’re slightly disappointed because of our wasted efforts in reviewing for hours expecting for a quiz that was just canceled by our professor last minute. But when then started his period with a game and discussed a new topic to us, it boosted our energy to participate in class attentively. We also had a great time with our business simulation in the computer laboratory that made us feel like we’re the owners of our own companies. For the last subject we had, all of us are happy to try Table Tennis in our PE as beginners.

So now, whenever Friday comes, we always have in mind the ‘T.G.I.F’ acronym. We all know the meaning of that right? It’s just weird how some people are always thanking Him only during Fridays when we all know that every time we wake up each day is already a blessing to us. Well, that’s one of my random thoughts today while doing this in a UV express. In watching how beautiful the city lights are, made me realize that no matter how tired you are in a day, there are lights that will make us thankful for the day He has given to us to learn new something today.

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