Sorry, Despicable Me

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Sometimes, we blame ourselves thinking we failed to meet the expectations of others. And sometimes, by failing to meet such expectations, we just turn to be grateful towards ourselves despite our despicable imperfections.


Sorry, Despicable Me


Maybe it’s my fault
For you to somehow fall.
Maybe it’s wrong from the start,
To be with you at last.

Every time I see you,
I can’t see the girl I used to be
Rather, what I see
Is the girl who threw herself to thee.

I lost my self-respect
I’m not the one you expect.
I’m sorry for that simple mistake
I wish somehow I didn’t make.

Sorry for the stupidity
I hope somehow you can forgive me.
I’ve loved you once
But I think it’s gone.

Or maybe I didn’t truly love thee,
See how despicable I am to thee.
I hope I can tell you to stop
That it’ll not gonna step up.

I know someday,
Maybe in the month of May
or the day of your birthday.
You will meet someone who can complete your day.

Thank you for understanding
Thank you for loving
One thing I’m just wishing,
Is for you to keep smiling.


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