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Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back


Do you

Look behind

When you

Hear an eerie voice

On the wings of icy air

Calling your name?

The muffled whispers

From your nightmares

When begin to haunt

Your day’s peace

Do you stop

And look


When a burnt smile

That once

Startled you from

Your sleep

Is seen as a passing


In a crowd

On a hasty day.

Stop never

But move on

Against the rising fear

Walk on

Never to

Look back

If you stop

Who knows what awaits

The keepers of

The deepest secrets

From the Hades

Or the imps

Of the invisible realms

May tease you

With an unforgettable trick…

You may not live to regret.


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Maryam H. Viqar

Maryam H. Viqar

A seeker, dreamer, scribbler, reader, writing poetry as musings of a restless mind....and yes 'the sight of the stars makes me dream' too....

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