Be Unstoppable, Dream On…

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the ugly writers

Be Unstoppable, Dream On…

Let’s swim
Far off
From the shores of reality
a deep breath,
a swift dive
Into the streams
of your dreams
Let the tiny birds
Of passing fantasies
Leap down
Playfully to peck
At your head
As you rise and fall
To appear and disappear
In the soothing waters
Let no one stop you
From believing
In six impossible things
Before breakfast
Let no one,
No one
Steal the cake
that makes you
Grow tall.
Rise and fall
Fall and rise
And rise again
Higher than the winds
Higher than the skies
Higher ever than the fake pity
in someone’s eyes
Rise higher than the voices
Raised against you
Let no one stop you
From dreaming on….

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Maryam H. Viqar

A seeker, dreamer, scribbler, reader, writing poetry about grief, loss, rain, autumn, nocturnal silence, hope and sometimes love...and yes 'the sight of the stars makes me dream' too....

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Joyce Acuzar

All of us have hopes and dreams in life. We work hard for the things we want, whether big or small. But we all know that all dreams/wishes do not come true. Sometimes the timing is not right, sometimes we just need to wait for something better because God has better plans for us. But we should not stop dreaming, we should accept that it’s okay when things don’t happen as we want. Stay committed and be unstoppable!?

Nino Anton Ortiz
Nino Anton Ortiz

Success and Failure are those words that always come together. We often encounter failures that make us hopeless but sometimes we don’t realized that we can learn from our failures. With that failures, we can be a better person or can be unstoppable. Don’t only stick for the failures but instead focus on what ways you can do to achieve success.