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Dear Self, I believe in you

The mistakes I have made don't define me; they are just part of my progress. I recognize what my goals are now. I am positive that I can make it.

There are days that I feel so scared and insecure. I never fit in easily. My qualities are not enough to achieve success in life. I question God about my failures. Then, I realized that everything happens for a reason. The mistakes I have made don’t define me; they are just part of my progress. I recognize what my goals are now. I am positive that I can make it. My problems are stepping stones I need to take to achieve my dreams. I  no longer value the judgment of other people who don’t like me. I am confidently happy knowing that I take control of my own life. I want to be the best version of myself. Here are the 10 magical things that inspire me to believe in myself again.

  1. My emotions are valid. I cry a lot when I’m sad. I get so happy and excited when I am in love. I can express my feelings because I am free.
  2. Struggling is normal. Every human being faces problems and hardship in their life. These challenges taught me how to be brave and independent.
  3. I have the ability to withstand any obstacles coming in my way. I have lived for 26 years and survived up until this day.
  4. My dream doesn’t have an expiration date. I just have to take risks and try harder whenever I fall. Forgive yourself for failing sometimes.
  5. I am proud of my achievements no matter how big or small.
  6. There are people who never stopped believing in my capabilities. These are my family and friends who supported me all the way.
  7. I accepted my flaws and imperfections. I use their criticisms to improve.
  8. I started to see the good in everything. All things are possible when you believe.
  9. I stopped overthinking and trusted my own journey.
  10. Keep moving forward and enjoy the blessings heading your way.


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Christine May C. Go
I write about my experiences, travel and I also write short stories. I have a creative imagination. I am a newbie in writing but I know in myself that I can contribute a lot in this industry. I was once an editor-in-chief in our school paper.


  1. Ana Milen Dumaguing
    Ana Milen Dumaguing

    1. My Family, Friends and Relatives who supports me.
    2. Seeing an Engineer. I want to be like him/her!
    3. Those qoutes that gives me strength.
    4. Bible Verses that keeps my faith strong
    5. People I encounter everyday.
    6. Learning something new.
    7. Changing my environment for a while.
    8.Those things that challenges me.
    9. By believing that I can do it
    10. Ofcourse, out Almigthy God


  2. Ronand Macainan
    Ronand Macainan

    1. The Lord our God, the Creator and perfector of faith.
    2. My parents who supports me financially and many more.
    3. My siblings to guide and help me.
    4. My Friends who supports me in times of weakness
    5. The Words that the Lord is telling me through the Bible
    6. The church who encourages me to continue
    7. The songs I sing that reminds me of the Lord
    8. My Crush
    9. Our current status in the society
    10. Trials and sufferings.


  3. Aliza Danielle Gonzales
    Aliza Danielle Gonzales

    I have often seen myself as an optimistic and a cheerful person, and I came to a point where reality hit me and made me realize, I do lack a lot. In terms of my self-confidence, my joy, and my motivation to keep myself going. I was really down and suddenly, the urge to recalibrate my life and be on the right path in what God wants me to be transpire unto me, and the 10 things that inspire me are:
    1. Setting goals and plans by asking God in prayer. I ask myself what I really want to pursue and what I want to achieve then I prayed and ask to let the will of the Lord will be done.
    2. Dreaming with depth. I learned to dream with depth rather than dreaming high. In order for me to fly with wings, I need to have roots to grow.
    3. My emotions are valid. Don’t let anyone invalidate what you feel. Respect what you feel.
    4. Family. My biological and unbiological family is a good support group whenever I feel down.
    5. Ask God. God always wishes what’s good for me all I need is to ask Him earnestly and let Him do the will.
    6. Prioritize yourself. I realized that in this cruel world, all I have left is myself. When days are dark, I only have myself to lean on so I learned putting myself first.
    7. Cutting relationships. I learned the art of letting go even if it’s hard. If it’s no longer right for me to stay in a pointless relationship, leave.
    8. Clean environment. Literally and figuratively. I read an article where a clean environment helps you ease stress and calms the mind.
    9. Live to live. Don’t just exist, but instead be remarkable. Make an impact to every one around me.
    10. Love yourself. In loving myself emcompasses many things. Loving myself also means I respect and care for myself.

    -Aliza Danielle B. Gonzales, ESE-191

  4. 1. My Family.
    2. My friends.
    3. My teachers.
    4. I always remind myself that my goal is not to be better than anyone else but better than I used to be.
    5. I always believe in the Lord.
    6. Always believing myself that I can do it.
    7. My relatives who always there to support me.
    8. All the obstacles that I encountered.
    9. By challenging myself to learn something new.
    10. All the people that inspired me to do my best and motivated me to overcome my fear.

  5. 1. The god that brings me power everyday to encounter all the problems and obstacles that I have.
    2. My parents that keep supporting and checking on me whether if I eat lunch or dinner and telling me how was my day everyday.
    3. My siblings even if we fight a lot they still trust me that I can be a successful civil engineer in the future.
    4. My friends that are here when my days are bad. That there always come to help when the see me down as I also help when they are feeling down.
    5. My goals that I have to be an engineer because its my dream to add the engr. in my name even if it takes years to finish this program as long as I can take that engr.
    5. My teachers that always continued saying that I can do it no matter how much I try they always stay by my side as they watch me accomplish a given task.
    6. My volleyball coach in High school that give me courage and confidence that every time you go down you need to get up twice as much when you stumble at some obstacles in life.
    7. My crushie and inspirational classmates.
    8. My enemy not exactly the enemy that you need to kill but the enemy you encountered in a sports match and academic match that sometimes you are to be feared.
    9. My other self that i can lean sometimes.
    10. To all the things that gives me experience and mistakes that I can learn.

  6. Nehemias Alcanar
    Nehemias Alcanar

    1. Bible verse, I inspire my self by reading His promises
    2. Trust my capabilities, I trust myself and what can I do.
    3. Be patient, because all failures has a reason.
    4.Optimistic, at the first place, dont think taht you will fail on something.
    5. Do it with confidence! Be confident on something that you’re doing.
    6. There is no hardest part of our lives, there is a harder.
    7. Let someone inspire you, don’t always do it yourself only.
    8. Be passionate, even if you don’t like your struggles, just do it with smile and be passionate on it.
    9.Everything has a purpose. It doesn’t mean that you failed you can’t, but always think that there is a purpose why you failed.
    10. Always try! Don’t give up on everything.


  7. 1. God, who created me
    2. My family
    3. Friends
    4. Classmates
    5. Kuyas and ates from higher years
    6. My organization
    7. Word of God
    8. Songs
    9. Problems in our country
    10. Crush


  8. 1. giving opinion or comment
    2. being transparent show who i am because its my way to express myself
    3. saying everything is okay
    4. smiling
    5. raising eyebrows??
    6. making speech
    7. writing or listening to songs
    8. using poem
    9. showing their sad phase or part
    10. being jolly when happy

  9. 1. My timeline is different from theirs.
    2. The Lord is with me.
    3. There’s a lot of people who believes in me.
    4. I set goals and i believe in my self.
    5. My emotions are valid. Just because it doesn’t hurt them, it doesn’t mean i shouldn’t be hurt too.
    6. I am worthy.
    7. I am enough and I deserve to be loved.
    8. One mistake doesn’t define me.
    9. I dream with depth.
    10. I have my family beside me.

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