Dear Self, I believe in you

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There are days that I feel so scared and insecure. I never fit in easily. My qualities are not enough to achieve success in life. I question God about my failures. Then, I realized that everything happens for a reason. The mistakes I have made don’t define me; they are just part of my progress. I recognize what my goals are now. I am positive that I can make it. My problems are stepping stones I need to take to achieve my dreams. I  no longer value the judgment of other people who don’t like me. I am confidently happy knowing that I take control of my own life. I want to be the best version of myself. Here are the 10 magical things that inspire me to believe in myself again.

  1. My emotions are valid. I cry a lot when I’m sad. I get so happy and excited when I am in love. I can express my feelings because I am free.
  2. Struggling is normal. Every human being faces problems and hardship in their life. These challenges taught me how to be brave and independent.
  3. I have the ability to withstand any obstacles coming in my way. I have lived for 26 years and survived up until this day.
  4. My dream doesn’t have an expiration date. I just have to take risks and try harder whenever I fall. Forgive yourself for failing sometimes.
  5. I am proud of my achievements no matter how big or small.
  6. There are people who never stopped believing in my capabilities. These are my family and friends who supported me all the way.
  7. I accepted my flaws and imperfections. I use their criticisms to improve.
  8. I started to see the good in everything. All things are possible when you believe.
  9. I stopped overthinking and trusted my own journey.
  10. Keep moving forward and enjoy the blessings heading your way.


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