My Mission

Dear Diary,


Sometimes I think of my purpose;Why God created me, why I am here typing my story with a possibility of being read by strangers and what is my mission why I am still here consuming the oxygen roaming in this room.

Today I went to an adventure, an adventure that I would never forget until my last breath.

I accompanied my cousin for her check-up, we’re finding a doctor that would suit on the symptoms she was feeling for the past days. I sacrificed my whole day just to find her a doctor even though I’ve been absent for three subjects.

I love my sister  so much,we’ve been together since we were born. She’s my best friend and my soulmate. She wanted me by her side today because she was terrified on the result of the check-up. I’ve seen in her eyes that my presence was the  reason why she still managed to smile and laugh.  Then a thought came into my mind, in this hospital, there were people taking their first breath and last breath, people who were crying of joy because of new born and mourning because of death of their love ones. Do you think those who died today already discovered and did their mission in life?, Do you think those new born with a smile in their faces already know the meaning why they were here?

I have many questions in life and the irony here is those questions were being answered too by myself. Then reality hits me, that God is here, He’s with me, making me see on the side of life I’ve never seen before. The almighty is in the laughter and tears of the people happy, mourning and suffering because if not why there are still people coming in my life to teach me something? to stay? and leave me?

My life mission is to help people in need, to teach them a lesson, to become their sister, to not just wipe their tears due of distress but also due of happiness and also a friend that can be a shoulder to cry on and a listener. My mission is to make this world a better place for everyone.

                This day made me tired physically but never my mind that was filled with so much life lessons, experiences and appreciation in the life that I have in this life time.

Life is not easy, it is a path with many thorns but also with many rose on it. You just need to see the beauty in every situation even how hard and painful it is in that way you will learn that in order to enjoy the rose, you need to face its thorns.