Dancing Through The Rain

Dancing Through The Rain

Life can’t be described by only one or two words. It is a mixture of everything. The mixture of happiness and sadness, success and failure, comfort and pain, encouragement and frustration, opportunities and frustrations, love and hatred, relief and sorrow, and struggle and giving up. Life is not perfect, but it is indeed beautiful. We came across many challenges that made us sometimes give up. It is a survival of the fittest and a lifetime challenge that everyone must face.

The year 2018, was the most heartbreaking year for me. Here, I’ve experienced a lot of challenges, mental breakdowns and disappointments. Well, everyone see me as a happy go lucky person, I usually laugh when I’m with other people and smiling like there’s no problem at all. But when I’m alone, I always over think things that might happen. However, I can always say that 2018 has been the worst but blessed year for me. One of the highlights of it was when I experienced my first heartbreak not in a romantic relationship but in my dream university for my College life. I always imagine myself studying in PUP which is my dream school but I didn’t reach the quota score for the course that I wanted to. I felt so sad at that time. I started to doubt my capabilities as a student. Even though my parents said that it’s okay that I did not pass it, I know in myself that I disappoint them. But I realized that I’m so blessed because my 2 years being a senior high school there is memorable. I have gained a lot of people who are always there for me when I’m sad. I opened my eye to the reality of the world which made me independent now. Also, I realized that this heartbreak will not happen without any reason. I made this as a motivation to strive harder now in college. I thought my life will end because of this but God is really good. He gave me a sign that life must go on. Those heartbreaks and breakdowns that happened in 2018 made me a better person now. I’m new now. I am not that old girl who is afraid of disappointments. I realized that I must change because not all the times I get what I plan to be and I cannot manipulate the flow of my life. Those disappointments are blessings in disguise for me to achieve what I really wanted to be.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is always about learning to dance in the rain. We need first to embrace the challenge and believe that it will end wonderfully. It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose but what’s more important is the lesson that makes you a better one.

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Shulamita Rivera

It is the lesson that matters after every mistake and how it helps you to grow as a person.

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