I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday.”
― Kris Kristofferson

Since u left,

The sky stopped smiling at me

The rain stopped singing at my windows

Warmth of flowery summers

turned into dreary humid air

Icy winds began to bang rudely at my doors

Bit by bit, I turn to dust as

Cold seeps in like a monster baring its teeth

through the broken nooks

Where i sleep

on the bed of nightmares

And wonder….

If only….



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A seeker, dreamer, scribbler, reader, writing poetry about grief, loss, rain, autumn, nocturnal silence, hope and sometimes love...and yes 'the sight of the stars makes me dream' too....

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Jierecha Delantar
Jierecha Delantar

I love the content of the poem ?

jhowin doloeras

Jhowin B. Doloeras, CIV192, Art appreciation, Colors, MX

Glarenceeee Cammayo
Glarenceeee Cammayo

Glarence G. Cammayo, CIV191, Art Appreciation, Colors, MX, Bokeh

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