The voices on the street
We cling on to the heap of dirt
No building or habitation to call our edge
The strict street keep being our abode
We’ve got no home to keep us insured
Our possession is kept under the bridge
We roam up the street to keep up the siege
To keep being safe we become nocturnals
We’ve got no choice cos things ain’t  optional
The heap of dirt gives us our daily bread
We double our race to surpass the tread
We get gagged with hunger and feed on barf
Our throat gabbled the drools and out the fart
Some are pushed to live on substance
They’ve no choice but to satisfy the hunger
Other’s belly hurts and strikes up like thunder
Cos they bear the pain to keep their standard
We roam the street flexing our rags
We tread on foot and suffer the lags
The privileged mock and call us scum
We absorb the shame and face our slum
Torn or tattered we put them on
Smelly or dirty we’ve got no choice
We garbed the garbs and flex it on
The street spread the dud and we still live on.
Show love to street kids and let’s make our world a better place.