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Ogunkola Isaac olushola


the ugly writers
I wish I could be the stars To be the guide that lead men home And my illumination give them inspiration to move on


the ugly writers
Fireworks back to life trees are remembered; decorated with lightening piece for the season has come.


the ugly writers
Its smile glows incandescently Bringing life to the greenish lives The reign of darkness ends Could this be the said SUNRISE?

The Birth of Hope and Faith

the ugly writers
Still in your emptiness you look beyond Beyond the life behind the tiny grain The tiny grain with hope birth giant trees Trees that flourish day and night


the ugly writers
Nooks and crannies of our land is infiltrated Infiltrated with their wickedness and evil deeds Deeds they've done to intentionally curse the mass

The voices on the street

We roam the street flexing our rags We tread on foot and suffer the lags The privileged mock and call us scum We absorb the shame and face our slum