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the ugly writers
Set and Rise
On the eve of the day
I sat at the balcony
Looking at the sky, solemnly
As the Sun hide its beauty.
Its brightness turned darkness
Like all hope is lost on earth
The reign of light ends
Could this be the said SUNSET?
A set that paves way for a colony of light–stars
A set that birth the midnight Sun–moon
Am I set to pave or birth?
How is the SET possible if there is no RISE?
At the aurora of the day
I could see the arousal of the light
Piercing and fighting its way out
Out of the darkness of the night.
Its smile glows incandescently
Bringing life to the greenish lives
The reign of darkness ends
Could this be the said SUNRISE?
A rise that comes with energy and synergy
A rise to impart and impact
Have I risen like the Sun ?
A RISE that ends with a wonderful SET.

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