The Birth of Hope and Faith

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The Birth of Hope and Faith 

The cloud is becoming clear
Clear of the darkness of the night
The night you wished last longer
Longer enough to save you of today’s sorrow

Cock row it’s daybreak
The break breaking every piece of you
You’ve dawdled in sorrow yesterday
Yesterday’s sorrow a daily routine

In your emptiness, you look beyond
Beyond the pains and sorrows, life offered
Offers that break you down
But, down the earth, you found the tiny grain

Still, in your emptiness, you look beyond
Beyond the life behind the tiny grain
The tiny grain with hope birth giant trees
Trees that flourish day and night

Your heart leaps at your discovery
The discovery you’ve made through the tiny grain
The tiny grain birth in you a new faith and hope
Faith and hope that made it birth giant trees

You smiled and cheered up
Hopped out of distress and failure you’ve faced
Now faced with a new phase of hope and faith
The hope and faith to birth the giant in YOU.

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