Need us now!

Our peace tattered and  shattered into pieces
Our homes burnt and smoked up like pisces
We were neglected and forgotten
Our look to them is disgusting…
But now,  they need us

Our children education got delayed
Education being the best legacy a mirage
Our amenities to them is not a necessity
Our life and food might be in total acridity…
But now, they need us

Our land is filled with innocents blood flowing
Flowing ceaselessly in our Canaan like honey
But this kind of honey is not the honey we want
Our wants and needs wander around their butts…
But now, they need us

Nooks and crannies of our land is infiltrated
Infiltrated with their wickedness and evil deeds
Deeds they’ve done to intentionally curse the mass
The masses with their hard earned bucks suffers the brunts…
But now, they need us

The time to exercise our right is nigh
They fragmentally gave us one right and took nine
But still, our bit can amass and make things right
In spite of the pressure, our bit will fight…
For now, they need our bit

Let the masses arise from their ashes
We say no to these pains in their abyssal arches
Let’s all match in millions to get our PVC
In one voice and right vote, we create a new Odyssey…
Right now, we need ourselves to change the status quo.

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